Administrative Services Manager Career

admin-services-manager-500Administrative service managers operate, plan, and direct the various services of an organization. They often operate a facility, monitor staff, perform record-keeping duties, and other basic office upkeep.

Time management, organization, and communication skills are key to success in this career.

Some administrative service manager positions may require skills in budgeting, hiring, interviewing, and presenting information to other departments.

Administrative Services Manager Career Snapshot

An administrative service manager commonly works in an office setting. There is a possibility of working overtime in this role and this position requires frequent customer and personnel interaction, by phone, email, and face to face. A high degree of sensitivity and tact is needed as an administrative service manager as they are required to help monitor emotional situations that occur in the workplace.

Further details on a career as an administrative services manager are listed below (statistics from the May 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics and Onet Online):


is the average annual salary for administrative services managers.


increase in employment between 2014 and 2024.


have a Bachelor’s degree while 19% have a High School Diploma or equivalent.

Administrative Services Manager Education

Related work experience is more highly regarded in this role than a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Some companies may require a Bachelor’s degree in a related field while others are more interested in the candidate’s work history and past roles. On the job training is possible to obtain in this role if this is offered by the company. Certifications are also available to add to a candidate’s knowledge and qualifications.

Administrative Services Manager Salaries

The May 2015 median pay reported by the for this role was $86,110 with the highest 10% administrative service manager earning up to $153,570 and the lowest 10% earning $46,430.

Administrative Services Manager Job Outlook

This job is expected to grow at a rate of 8% through 2024, which is considered average growth for the job market.

Administrative Services Manager Job Duties

An administrative service manager prepares reports and data. They may oversee a department and process internal requests for the organization. A person in this role will often have experience in human resources, bookkeeping, customer service, and personnel management. They may work closely with creating, monitoring, and regulating the yearly budget for their facility or department. Close attention to detail will aid in this job role. Many administrative service managers will be tasked with starting a project, delegating it, and ensuring it has been completed to a satisfactory degree.

Administrative Services Manager Skills & Traits

Admin Services Manager Skill Set:Required Abilities:Tools Used by Admin Services Managers:Typical Work Activities:
• Speaking
• Active Listening
• Coordination
• Reading Comprehension
• Time Management
• Oral Comprehension
• Oral Expression
• Written Comprehension
• Written Expression
• Problem Sensitivity
• Desktop/notebook computers
• Personal digital assistants PDA
• Photocopying equipment
• Multi-line telephone systems
• Accounting software
• Communicating with Others
• Getting Information
• Working with Computers
• Performing Administrative Activities
• Decision Making

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