Advertising and Promotion Manager Career

ad-manager-500Although you’ll need many talents to succeed as an advertising and promotions manager, perhaps the most important skill you’ll require is creativity. You’ll be overseeing staff responsible for creating and implementing TV, radio, internet, print, or other advertisements to improve sales or reputation for a product or client.

In addition to overseeing and approving the creative aspect of things, you will also need to run statistical studies to help select the best advertising campaign. You may work with financial teams to ensure that your vision is affordable. In most cases, advertising managers have the responsibility of directing communication between their agencies and clients.

Advertising and Promotion Manager Career Snapshot

Most advertising and promotions managers will work in an office environment, but expect plenty of time outside the office as you meet with clients to discuss their needs. Some managers work for independent agencies, while others do in-house work for larger companies. For the most part, you will work 9-5 hours; however, on many occasions, you may be expected to work more than forty hours in order to complete projects.

Further details on a career as a advertising and promotions managers are listed below (statistics from the May 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics and Onet Online):


is the average annual pay for advertising and promotions managers.


increase in employment between 2014 and 2024.


have a Bachelor’s degree while 22% have an Associate’s degree.

Advertising and Promotion Manager Education

To succeed in this field, you will likely need a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, journalism, or a related field. It’s helpful to get work experience in sales to further your career in advertising. However, about 22% of entry level advertising and promotions managers have only associate’s degrees, and another 14% do not have degrees.

Advertising and Promotion Manager Job Duties

As an advertising and promotions manager, your responsibilities entail supervising every aspect of a marketing campaign. This may entail organizing focus groups, negotiating contracts, creating budgets, and overseeing staff to ensure that they are carrying out their responsibilities.

Advertising and Promotion Manager Salaries

According to the, the median salary for an advertising and promotions manager in May 2015 was $95,890. The top ten percent of earners in the field made at least $187,200, while the bottom ten percent earned $42,440 or less.

Advertising and Promotion Manager Job Outlook

The expected job growth for this field is 9% through 2024, which is faster than average. Increasingly, new jobs are being created in the field of online marketing, while traditional print advertising continues to shrink.

Advertising and Promotion Manager Skills & Abilities

Advertising and Promotion Manager Skill Set:Required Abilities:Tools Used by Advertising and Promotion Managers:Typical Work Activities:
• Active listening
• Social perceptiveness
• Speaking
• Time management
• Critical thinking
• Oral expression
• Oral comprehension
• Speech clarity
• Deductive reasoning
• Problem sensitivity
• Desktop/notebook computers
• Customer relationship management software
• Data base user interface and query software
• Desktop publishing software
• Communicating with people outside organization
• Thinking creatively
• Decision making
• Getting information

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