Architecture Careers

Architects design structures, typically buildings. These include homes, office buildings, restaurants, hospitals, stadiums, and more. Once the architect or group of architects design the building, the plans are typically handed off to a construction company.  Often the architect works with the construction company and oversees the building process from start to finish.

Featured Architecture Careers:

We’ve got our list of the most popular architecture careers put together for you below. Click on any of the featured careers to see a complete career profile including salary, job outlook, typical education, and more. All data reported from the Bureau of Labor Statistics May 2015 data.

What Skills Do You Need to Get Into the Architecture Industry?

Holland Interest Code: Artistic and Investigative

In order to find the Holland interest codes representative of this industry we found the interest codes for popular careers in architecture. Only those that were present in nearly all the careers are shown above. The same process was used to find the skills and traits listed below.

Typical Skills & Traits:

  • Creative thinking
  • Visualization
  • Fluency of ideas
  • Drafting
  • Working with computers