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Details on a Career in Electrical Engineering

Careers in electrical engineering utilize science, technology, and ingenuity to solve problems. Electrical engineering also involves using all of the above to build, design, and maintain information systems. Recently the term “electrical engineering” has actually been referred to by other titles such as “computer engineering” and “electronic engineering”. Electrical engineering careers pay well and are […]

Details on a Career in Computer Engineering

Electrical engineering and computer science both fall under the more general term of computer engineering. Careers in computer engineering are very hot right now and they look like they will only get hotter. While demand for the jobs is high, the supply (people with computer engineering degrees) is also rising. Still, it’s a good idea […]

Details on a Career in Civil Engineering

A civil engineering career is a very good career to pursue. As a civil engineer you’ll be directly responsible for the health and well-being of citizens. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that you do your job well. And this means that to become a   civil engineer you need to prepare correctly. Becoming a civil engineer […]

Details on a Career in Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers work with chemicals to try to use them to solve problems in society. These problems can be just about any size and affect any part of life. Chemical engineers work in a variety fields and industries. Chemical engineering careers pay very well but the field isn’t growing. Therefore, a decision to go into […]

Details on a Career in Biomedical Engineering

What is a biomedical engineer? That’s an excellent question to ask when you are looking for a challenging career with enormous career potential.  Biomedical engineering is a discipline that actually refers to a wide range of specialties. But these specialties all have something in common – they combine engineering skills with biology and medical knowledge. […]

Details on a Career in Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineering offers a great career to those who want to bring creative architectural ideas to life. The architect creates building ideas, concepts and drawings. The architectural engineer is responsible for assuring the actual structural systems are properly designed for actual use by the public. There are different career paths you can take after earning […]

Details on a Career as an Aerospace Engineer

There are many great careers in engineering right now. However, one of the best has to be an aerospace engineer career. Being an aerospace engineer is an exciting and prestigious job that pays very well. But exactly what an aerospace engineer does isn’t known by many. And how to become an aerospace engineer isn’t well-known […]

Top Healthcare Careers [Infographic]

Healthcare is an exciting career industry. There are hundreds of different occupations within the healthcare industry, many of which are high paying. In fact, some of the highest paying careers are in healthcare. Physicians made #1 in our top 10 healthcare careers as well as #3 in our top 100 careers overall. Part of the […]