Preschool and Childcare Center Director Career

childcare-worker-500The role of preschool and childcare center director is multifaceted and emphasizes leadership. Preschool and childcare directors are considered to be educators. They must develop or adopt a curriculum and set educational standards and learning objectives that will meet the needs of the individual child.

Preschool and childcare directors must stay in tune with current educational research and best practices. They must also closely supervise their staff and ensure they are qualified. Preschool and childcare workers directly affect the educational future of the children they work with.

Preschool and Childcare Center Director Career Snapshot

Preschool and childcare center directors work in public and private daycare facilities. Some may be owner/operators. They visit and observe in classrooms but spend much of their time in an office.

Further details on a career as a preschool and childcare center director are listed below (statistics from the May 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics and Onet Online):


is the typical salary for preschool and childcare center directors.


increase in employment between 2014 and 2024.


have a Bachelor’s degree while 24% have an Associate’s degree.

Preschool & Childcare Center Director Education

In most states, the preschool and childcare center director must have at least an associate’s degree in early childhood education. Some programs may require a bachelor’s degree. Other states require a nationally recognized credential. The Certified Childcare Professional(CCP) credential is offered in lieu of a degree in some states. This will require coursework, experience, and formal observations. The candidate must be age 18, take related courses, and pass an exam. It must be renewed every two years.

Preschool & Childcare Center Director Job Duties

Preschool and childcare center directors hire and train new staff members. They set budgets and fees for programs, see that facilities are cleaned and maintained, and enforce state regulations. They work closely to facilitate good communication between parents, children, and other staff members.

Preschool & Childcare Center Director Salaries

In 2015, the average pay nationwide for a preschool and child care center directors was $45,790 per year according to reports. The lowest ten percent is reported as being $29,230 per year. Those in the highest 10 percent of the salary scale earned $82,790 annually. Typically, those with higher degrees earned the highest yearly salaries.

Preschool & Childcare Center Director Job Outlook

The expected job outlook for Preschool and childcare center directors for the years between 2014 and 2024 is 7 percent, or as fast as average. Families who have two working parents will always be in need of high-quality child care.

Preschool and Childcare Center Director Skills & Traits

Preschool & Childcare Center Director Skill Set:Required Abilities:Tools Used by Preschool & Childcare Center Directors:Typical Work Activities:
• Active Listening
• Monitoring
• Speaking
• Coordination
• Written Comprehension
• Written Expression
• Oral Expression
• Problem Sensitivity
• Digital cameras
• Emergency medical services first aid kits
• Laser printers
• Notebook computers
• Performing Administrative Activities
• Making Decisions and Solving Problems
• Assisting and Caring for Others
• Evaluating Information to Determine Compliance with Standards

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