Court Reporter Career

court-reporter-300Entering a career as a court reporter will enable you to have a prestigious career in law without the many years of education and training required by other legal professions.

So what exactly is a court reporter? Court reporters record legal proceedings, preserving all the spoken words and sometimes actions in a written transcript. This transcript is available to jurors, attorneys, and other legal personnel and serves as an official record of what happened during the court proceeding.

Court Reporter Career Assessment

Take our Court Reporter career assessment. This 30 question quiz let’s you know if you’re cut out for a career as a court reporter by analyzing your abilities, skills, and interests.

1. Do you possess an ability to listen carefully and remain focused for long stretches of time?

2. Are you able to type quickly and accurately?

3. Do you know shorthand?

4. Are you able to quickly retrieve testimony or notes and read them back to a judge or other legal professional upon request?

5. Are you in good physical health?

6. Can you sit in place for hours at a time without getting up to stretch, use the bathroom, or take a break?

7. Do you consider yourself to be an objective listener who listens to a conversation without commenting or showing a reaction on your face?

8. Do you place a high value on confidentiality?

9. Would you be able to refrain from sharing details of a case with family, close friends, and co-workers?

10. Are you skilled in resolving computer issues on your own?

11. Are you confident using a variety of computer software, such as voice recognition programs?

12. Do you enjoy filing paperwork with court clerks?

13. Would you be vigilant about maintaining security efforts for records, files, digital data, and other information related to a case?

14. Do you have an excellent attendance record?

15. Are you rarely sick?

16. Are you a quick learner?

17. Are you competent in recording court proceedings using stenography, electronic reporting, and voice recording?

18. Are you confident in your ability to work digital recording equipment?

19. Do you have sufficient editing skills in order to complete a transcription?

20. Are you a native English speaker with an excellent knowledge of grammar?

21. Are you motivated to check the accuracy of your work multiple times?

22. Do you work well under deadlines?

23. Do you keep up to date on current events?

24. Do you have an excellent knowledge of legal terminology, as well as criminal and appellate procedures?

25. Do you have the ability to listen to someone and repeat what s/he is saying at the same time?

26. Are you motivated by others relying on your transcription skills in order to access television programming and educational services?

27. Are you someone who enjoys working independently with little to no oversight?

28. Are you OK with the thought of transcriptions appearing immediately for public viewing?

29. Would you be comfortable asking a defendant or attorney to repeat a statement for clarification?

30. Are you able to manage your time efficiently?

Court Reporter Snapshot

Court reporters spend much of their time in legal proceedings and meetings. They may also organize and prepare information in a courtroom setting.

Here are further details on a career as a court reporter (statistics from Bureau of Labor Statistics and Onet Online):


is the average earnings for court reporters per year.


increase in employment between 2014 and 2024.


have some college, but no degree.

Court Reporter Education

Many vocational and technical schools along with colleges offer training for those who would like to become a court reporter. Some states require licensure and voluntary certifications are available which may help with advancement.

Court Reporter Duties

Court reporters are responsible for accurately transcribing the words spoken in legal proceedings and meetings.

Court Reporter Salary

The middle 50% of court reporters earned a salary between $27,180 and $90,510 according to the Occupational Employment Statistics survey program. Learn more about court reporter salaries.

Court Reporter Job Outlook

Court reporters are only expected to grow 2% between 2014 and 2024 which is slower than the average career.

Court Reporter Career

Take a look at some of the tools court reporters use along with the special skills and abilities necessary for the job.

Court Reporter Skill Set:Required Abilities:Tools Used by Court Reporter:Typical Work Activities:
•Active Listening
•Reading Comprehension
•Time Management

•Oral Comprehension
•Speech Recognition
•Written Expression
•Near Vision
•Selective Attention
•Oral Expression
•Written Comprehension

•Cassette Players or Recorders
•Notebook Computers
•Stenotype Machines

•Documenting/Recording Information
•Interacting With Computers
•Getting Information
•Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work

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