Database Administrator Career

database-admin-500Database Administrators, or DBAs, use specialized database software to store and organize data such as sales, customers, inventory, financials, etc., for use within a company. A DBA is responsible for making sure the data is available to users and to other software applications, as well as secured.

Most DBAs are general purpose DBAs, performing various database-related tasks that are needed to ensure a smooth operation. However, there is some opportunity to specialize between a System DBA and an Application DBA. A System DBA is responsible for the specialized database software which includes patches, upgrades, bug fixes, and performance tuning. An Application DBA is responsible for supporting databases that have been designed for a specific application, includeding assisting users, fixing data errors, and making changes.

Database Administrator Career Snapshot

The majority of Database Administrators work full-time. DBAs can be employed by any company that has large databases. They can also work for computer systems design, data hosting, data processing, and other service related companies.

Further details on a career as a database adminstrator are listed below (statistics from the May 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics and Onet Online):


is the average pay for database administrators per year.


increase in employment between 2014 and 2024.


have a Bachelor’s degree while 11% have a professional degree.

Database Administrator Education

Database Administrators usually have a bachelor’s degree in information systems or another computer related subject. Companies with large and/or complex databases may prefer an employee to have a master’s degree in data management or another information technology related field. DBAs must have an understanding of database languages, the most common of which is Structured Query Language or SQL. Certification is generally offered in specific products and can usually be attained while working. Most DBAs start out as database developers or data analyzers.

Database Administrator Job Outlook

Database Administrators are in high demand and employment is expected to grow 11% faster than average through 2024. This growth is driven by increased data needs of companies in all economic sectors. There are advancement opportunities available for DBAs into information technology managers.

Database Administrator Salaries

In 2015, the median annual wage for a DBA was $81,710 (according to May 2015 statistics). The median wage is the wage at which half the workers earned more and half earned less. DBAs salaries range from $45,460 to more than $127,080. Database Administrators employed in computer systems design and related services earned the most.

Database Administrator Job Duties

DBAs are responsible for all tasks relating to a database. This can included such jobs as designing and creating new databases, ensuring efficient operation of database by performing routine software maintenance and performance monitoring and tuning, making and testing modifications to databases, backing up systems to prevent data loss, correcting errors, maintaining user and application permissions and access, assisting with integrating data and systems together, and maintaining a company data dictionary.

Database Administrator Skills & Traits

Database Administrator Skill Set:Required Abilities:Tools Used by Database Administrators:Typical Work Activities:
• Critical Thinking
• Complex Problem Solving
• Active Learning
• Active Listening
• Judgment and Decision Making
• Deductive Reasoning
• Information Ordering
• Problem Sensitivity
• Inductive Reasoning
• Oral Comprehension
• Hard disk arrays
• Hard disk drives
• Notebook computers
• Mainframe computers
• Tape arrays
• Interacting With Computers
• Processing Information
• Data analysis
• Getting information

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