Engineering Careers

Engineering is the field of applying science and mathematics to develop solutions that have a practical end. Engineers design and manufacture machines, processes, systems and even economical structures.

In a sense, engineers are inventors. They dream up ideas and make them a reality for the rest of us. By utilizing science and math, they improve the quality of life for society.

Engineering is a highly rewarding career for creative and innovative individuals around the world. As you can imagine, there is a great deal of prestige involved with being an engineer. Since engineers are often responsible for directly creating a new product or service, they are in high demand in the corporate world and command fairly high salaries.

Engineering is an enormous career field with many sub-specialities involved. However, most all engineers create innovative new components, machines, and tools for use in helping solve problems.

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Engineering Careers Typically Requiring a High School Diploma or Equivalent

Engineering Careers Typically Requiring Some College

Engineering Careers Typically Requiring an Associate’s degree

Engineering Careers Typically Requiring a Bachelor’s Degree

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Engineering Careers Requiring a Master’s degree

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