Guide to 75 Fastest and Slowest Growing Careers

job-outlook-600Learning about careers before you invest a lot of time and money into your education is a smart strategy. You’ll want to look into the typical salary for occupations you’re considering as well as the job outlook.

Job outlook takes into account the current number of jobs in a particular occupation and the expected number of jobs in that occupation ten years from now. The puts all this data together and provides a percentage showing the projected average growth rate for each occupation.

Currently, the average growth rate for all occupations is at 7%. However, many jobs fall way outside this range. Some are well into the 30% or higher range while others have negative numbers.

Take a look at the lists of careers based on highest and lowest job growth potential:

45 Fastest Growing Careers

Do you want to choose a career where your chances of getting a job are high? If so, pay special attention to careers with a high growth rate. A high growth rate indicates that there will be more jobs in the future than there are now. And that’s only a good thing. We compiled a list […]

30 Slowest Growing Jobs

If you’re looking for a slam dunk of a career where finding your first job and new jobs after that come easy, then you may want to reconsider beginning a career in any of the professions on this list of slowest growing jobs. Each of these careers has a job growth rate less than 10% […]

Here are a few featured careers from the lists of both fastest and slowest growing careers:

Wind Turbine Technicians

Wind turbine technicians blows everything else away with a 108% job increase. This is a relatively small field, therefore, gaining the proper training and certification for this field is a smart move. The interest in alternate energy sources is the driving force behind the growth in this field.

Travel Agents

Travel agents have a job outlook of negative 12%. This industry has less demand due to the online tools consumers have at their disposal. Many can shop for a vacation package on their own now. So travel agents may continue to spiral downward.  However, if you love the idea of being a travel agent, it would be best to specialize in a specific type of traveler.