Middle School Teacher Career

middle-school-teacher-500Middle school teachers are more than just educators: they are molding the minds of tomorrow’s youth and are a critical support during one of the most difficult transitions in a child’s life: the shift from elementary to high school. Even with its high stress levels and minimal flexibility, it is rated the 2nd best job in the education sector by US News, and there aren’t too many careers that can offer a 2-month vacation.

Between lesson plans, grading and curriculum-building, middle school teachers are tasked with a hefty workload even beyond school hours, but if you have a knack for communication, a lot of patience and enjoy watching children grow into aspiring young adults, this is the job for you.

Middle School Teacher Career Snapshot

Middle school teachers focus on grades 6-8, teaching one or two particular subjects of their expertise. Overall, it is a challenging environment: not only is there often a lack of educational tools and supports for teachers, but the students are also going through a critical stage of development. However, there is usually a sense of job security once a teacher has achieved tenure, and you have the same winter and summer breaks as students.

Further details on a career as a middle school teacher are listed below (statistics from the May 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics and Onet Online):


is the average pay for middle school teachers per year.


increase in employment between 2014 and 2024.


have a Bachelor’s degree. 17% have a post-baccalaureate certificate.

Middle School Teacher Education

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to become a middle school teacher. This degree is usually in a major subject focus, such as Math or English, and will often include courses in education or child psychology. Lastly, they must enroll in a teacher preparation program and complete fieldwork to become a certified teacher, but these details vary from state to state.

Middle School Teacher Job Outlook

By 2024, middle school teaching positions are projected to increase by 6% (the average of job growth across all occupations), opening up about 36,800 new career opportunities. With the increasing child population and growth in classroom sizes, there are bound to be more jobs in this field, though this is also contingent on municipal and state budgets.

Middle School Teacher Salaries

The median pay for a middle school teacher in 2015 was $55,860, almost $20,000 more than the median pay across all occupations. The lowest 10% had an average salary of $37,350, while successful long-term teachers can earn over $87,000.

Middle School Teacher Job Duties

Along with teaching their particular subject area, assessing students and grading assignments, middle school teachers are responsible for enforcing school board policies, supervising students and preparing lessons that adhere to the curriculum. They are also the main source of communication between the child’s school and family life, and often assist with extracurricular activities such as clubs or sports teams. Most importantly, middle school teachers ensure that their students will succeed as they continue their academic journey into high school.

Middle School Teacher Skills & Traits

Middle School Teacher Skill Set:Required Abilities:Tools Used by Middle School Teachers:Typical Work Activities:
• Instructing
• Speaking
• Active listening
• Reading comprehension
• Learning strategies
• Oral expression
• Written comprehension
• Oral comprehension
• Speech clarity
• Projection equipment
• Notebook computers
• Photocopiers
• Email software
• Presentation software
• Documenting information
• Training and teaching
• Developing others
• Communicating with others

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