Top 25 Career Coaches Online

Are you struggling to choose a career path? Do you already have a job, but wish for a change?

If so hiring a career coach may be well worth your time.

Find someone who understands your strengths, your weaknesses, and your unique situation.

When it comes to career coaching, location is not an issue since most will help you out virtually or by telephone. So that means there are hundreds if not thousands of career coaches to choose from.

This article lists the top 25 career coaches (in no particular order) to help you get started on the path to gaining clarity when it comes to your career.

Here’s a quick run-down on how the 25 coaches were selected.

The process started with extensive research on LinkedIn’s top career coaches.

Once a potential career coach was identified, we checked that they had a professional website showcasing a current career coaching business. The website needed to include an outline of their services along with an email, contact form, or phone number where potential clients could set up a time slot to receive career coaching services.

In addition, accolades and credentials were researched. Here are a few of the elements we looked into:

  • Author of a career related book.
  • Published on top sites or magazines.
  • Contribution on a career related book.
  • Certification as a Professional Career Coach.
  • Relevant degrees, previous experience, or length of time as a career coach.

We also explored their exposure and visibility on the web.

With that, here’s the list!

1. Carol Ross of Stand Out and Belong

Carol RossCarol Ross of Stand Out and Belong offers ‘career integration coaching’ where your work is a reflection of who you are. If you’d like to work with her, you can get started by sending over an email and filling out a Career Snapshot.

She offers a free 30-minute phone consultation to those interested in starting the process.  She has lots of success stories on her site and regularly speaks at events. She’s got several great themes on her website that might just help you find clarity in your life.

2. Lela Cloud of Strategic Resumes

Lela-CloudLela Cloud of Strategic Resumes offers an entire suite of packages from resume help to career coaching. It is run by Grant Cooper and Lela Cloud, a Certified Career Management Coach.

Lela offers Career Coaching Sessions where you can come into their New Orleans office or take part in over the phone. Grant Cooper is a Certified Resume Writer so they can help you out with that too!

3. Jay Block of

Jay BlockJay Block of is a motivational career coach who has written 18 books including “5 Steps to Rapid Employment’.

He offers several packages to help you land the right job with the right company where you can get one-on-one help directly from him. He is also an avid speaker on employment and career management.

shannon obrien4. Shannon O’Brien, M.A. Ed.M., of Whole U.

Shannon O’Brien, M.A., Ed.M. of Whole U. helps individuals live a “balanced, purposeful life” while pursuing their life’s work. O’Brien has worked with clients from San Francisco and Chicago, to Moscow and Tokyo. Her signature offering is the 5-week “Whole U. Career Development Program” which has led to rave reviews, and a Yelp ranking as #1 Career Coach in Boston. O’Brien earned a Master’s in Peace Studies from ICU, in Tokyo Japan, and a Master’s in Technology, Innovation and Education from Harvard University.

To determine whether Whole U. is a fit for your current career goals, you can book an initial 30-minute assessment call, at an introductory rate.

5. Ashley Stahl of Ashley International

ashley-at-cafeAshley Stahl of Ashley International offers Clarity Coaching to help you get clarity on the best career options for you.

She’s given a TedX talk called “Three Questions to Unlock Your Authentic Career” and has a great story about how she found her most powerful work. It just may inspire you!

6. Katie B. Smith of Katie B. Smith & Associates

katie-smithKatie B. Smith of Katie B. Smith & Associates offers a 30 minute Discovery Session to help you find out if her monthly career coaching programs are a good fit for you.  She offers 6 and 12 month engagements for career transition clients as well as a monthly coaching package for clients that are already in between jobs

Katie regularly speaks at events on goal setting and focus, getting out of your own way, and personal communication styles.  She’s a Professional Certified Coach based out of Denver, Colorado who provides worldwide coaching services to professionals and corporate executives.

7. Maggie Mistal of Maggie Mistal

MaggieMistalMaggie Mistal of Maggie Mistal is a certified life purpose and career coach with services ranging from career and executive coaching to a monthly mastermind program.

She hosted a radio show called ‘Making a Living with Maggie” and has interviewed many successful celebrities like Martha Stewart and Deepak Chopra. CNN has even called her one of the best known career coaches.

8. Robin Ryan of Robin Ryan

robin-ryanRobin Ryan of is the author of “60 Seconds + You’re Hired!” which is a Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller, plus other bestsellers including “Winning Resumes” and “Over 40 And You’re Hired”. She’s recognized as an expert on job interviewing as well as a highly sought after career coach. Robin has appeared on 1500 TV & Radio Shows including Oprah, Dr Phil, CNN, ABC News and NPR and called America’s Top Career Counselor by the Boston Globe.

She offers many different type of coaching packages including a career change package to help you reach your goals.

9. Julie Cohen of Julie Cohen Coaching

julie_cohenJulie Cohen of Julie Cohen Coaching is the author of “Your Work, Your Life-Your Way: 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance”. She has a number of testimonials from coaching clients from across the U.S.

She is a Professional Certified Coach as well as past President of the Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance.

10. Lynn Berger of Lynn Berger

lynnBergerLynn Berger of Lynn Berger offers career workshops relating to women and the work-life balance.

In addition to her certification as a Professional Certified Coach she has completed an M.A. in Organizational Psychology and an Ed.M in Psychological Counseling. She offers several different coaching packages to help you find the right career for you.

11. Jon Le Breton of Jon Le Breton

jonlebretonJon Le Breton of Jon Le Breton is a career coach as well as a motivating speaking in Sydney, Australia.

He offers career coaching for those unhappy with their job that are ready for a new challenge.

12. Joel A. Garfinkle of Dream Job Coaching

joel-garfinkleJoel A. Garfinkle of Dream Job Coaching is the Founder of Dream Job Coaching. He offers a variety of coaching packages including a 7-step career coaching package.

Joel has written 8 books including “Get Paid What Your Worth” and “Land Your Dream Job”.  He has a massive list of testimonials on his site.

13. Kristin Taliaferro of Kristin Coach

kristincoachKristin Taliaferro of Kristin Coach is an MCC (Master Certified Coach) life and career coach. She can help you get clear about what you want in a career.

She has been a full time professional coach since 1998 and gets results. She has a number of excellent testimonials on her site.

14. Deborah Brown-Volkman of

deborah-brown-volkmanDeborah Brown-Volkman of is a Professional Certified Coach and has been a featured career expert for many publications. She uses a 5-step program to get you on track with your career.

15. Kathy Caprino of Kathy Caprino

KCaprinoKathy Caprino of Kathy Caprino focuses on helping women find the right career for them.  She is a career success and work-life expert as well as a speaker and a contributor on several publications ranging from Forbes to LinkedIn.

She authored, “Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Power, and Purpose”.  She offers career assessments and private career coaching.

16. Kitty Boitnott of Kitty at Career Makeover Coach

kitty-boitnottKitty Boitnott of Kitty at Career Makeover Coach started out as a teacher and transitioned to a career coach. She specializes in helping teachers ready for a career change find the next career step, but she also helps others through a mid-career crises.

She is a speaker and educator on stress management and the work-life balance. She offers an initial discovery session for those interested in her coaching services.

17. Donna Sweidan of Careerfolk

Donna-SweidanDonna Sweidan of Careerfolk guides job seekers and career changers through in-depth self-exploration and assessment to help them find or create fulfilling and meaningful work.  As a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor, she offers a unique blend of psychological counseling and concrete coaching that takes her clients on a journey from soul search to job search and social media.

Donna is a well known LinkedIn expert and has been featured on the NYTV series ‘Job Hunt’. Donna offers individual coaching as well as comprehensive career assessment.

18. Fay Libman of Flair Careers

fay-libmanFay Libman at Flair Careers helps her clients achieve their personal best. She focuses on the creation of her clients’ personal achievement stories.

Based in Melbourne Australia with over 25 years professional experience, Fay offers career and executive coaching in person and online to any location in the world.

19. Georgia Adamson of A Blue Ribbon Resume

Georgia-AdamsonGeorgia Adamson of A Blue Ribbon Resume offers many services related to resume development in addition to career management services like career planning and success.

You can schedule a call and discuss your long and short term career goals in addition to changes in your perspective as you move through your career path.

20. Janet Scarborough Civitelli of Vocation Village

Janet-Scarborough-CivitelliJanet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D. founded Vocation Village to help clients choose, change, or advance their careers. In addition to Janet there are three other career coaches employed at Vocation Village who can help you find the right career for you.

21. Sherri Thomas of Career Coaching 360

sherri-thomasSherri Thomas founder of Career Coaching 360 is a career strategist and career columnist on Huffington Post.  She’s written two books and her most recent book, “The Bounce Back – personal stories of bouncing back after a layoff, re-org or career setback” was named 2013 Best Career Book by the Indie Book Awards.

Sherri has successfully re-branded her own career four times in the radio, TV, finance and high tech industries, and each time with a higher salary.  Her niche is helping professionals who want to change, re-brand or advance their career.

22. Mark Strong of Mark Strong Coaching

Mark-StrongMark Strong of Mark Strong Coaching and his team of career coaches helps clients with career, life, and executive coaching. Get clear about the career that will bring you the most satisfaction.

23. Jane Cranston of Executive Coach NY

Jane-CranstonJane Cranston of Executive Coach NY is an executive career coach in New York City.  She offers coaching services for individuals whether you are a leader, professional or entrepreneur. Coaching can take place in her New York office or by phone and potential clients can get a complimentary 30 minute meet and greet session.

24. Daisy Wright of the Wright Career Solution

daisy-wrightDaisy Wright of the Wright Career Solution offers specialized career services including career coaching.  and career assessments. She is a speaker, trainer, and coach who has contributed to more than 10 career books including ‘Interview Magic’. Daisy offers an introductory power hour coaching that helps clients figure out if they’re a good fit for her coaching program.

25. Amy Van Court of Possibilities Unlimited

amy-vancourtAmy Van Court of Possibilities Unlimited wants you to see success on your terms and gain the confidence you need. She is also the author of the best selling book, “Escaping Career Prison: Three Keys to Breaking Free and Finding Work You Love”.

Amy offers a free 90-minute Ideal Career Discovery Session that  helps you find the essential building blocks for the career of your dreams.


We hope this list of top career coaches helps narrow down the choices. Each individual on this list offers career coaching services at the time of our research. You should be able to reach out to any of them to get started.

Now all you need is to decide if you’re ready for one-on-one help. Everyone deserves to be happy in their career so get started today.