Top 5 Careers in the Business Industry [Infographic]

Business is a very diverse industry. You can get into finance, sales, human resources, or one of the many other business careers.

Due to the number of different types of jobs within the business industry, it’s typically easier to change jobs in this industry than in many others. In addition, the business industry is made up of several very popular careers.

For instance, personal financial advisors made it to the top of the list of business careers and to the top of the list of careers overall with a score of 93 out of 100. This is due to the high salary, range in salary, high job outlook, along with the fact that the typical education for financial advisors is only a Bachelor’s degree.

Take a look at the other top business careers in the infographic below:



The careers were ranked based on these six criteria; salary potential, median salary, job outlook, changes in employment, employment numbers, and the typical education requirements. The data for the rankings came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics or