Top 25 Career Advice Blogs You Should Be Reading

Millions of websites offer informative information, but if you’re looking for the top career information out there, you need to be more selective.

To help you save your time, we’ve hand-picked and listed the top career blogs for you (they are listed in no particular order).

Get ready for some inspiration!


1. Avid Careerist


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “10 Tools to Help You Decide Which Skills to Put on Your Resume”
  • “The Danger in Using Social Media as Your Resume”

Donna Svei is an Executive Resume Writer and Interview Coach. She is also the sole writer and owner of Avid Careerist. Article topics include: proper resume writing, what to add to your LinkedIn account, how to stand out to recruiters, and much more. Donna uses her experience to help countless individuals as they embark on their journey to find the job of their dreams.



2. Career Attraction


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “Are You Going Too Wide In Your Career?”
  • “Why We Settle For Less In Our Careers”

Career Attraction inspires individuals, who are currently feeling “stuck” at their jobs, to think outside the box. Olivia and Kevin are partners at Career Attraction, and they provide articles and videos to encourage people to stop settling and to pursue the job and lifestyle they want and deserve.


3.  Career Enlightenment


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “Here’s Why Your Employees Are Scared This Election Year”
  • “The Psychology of Interview Success & How to Harness It”

Joshua Waldman was laid off twice in a six month period back in 2008. Since then, he has done extensive research, interviews, and case studies to determine the key principles of today’s job search. Joshua has spoken at countless colleges throughout the US, and his message has been well received by college students due to his down-to-earth style.


4. Career Bliss


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “How To Get Yourself Noticed At Work”
  • “How Your Body Language Can Get You (or Lose You) That Job”

Since 2008, Career Bliss has been encouraging and assisting individuals in finding a career that makes them happy. Career Bliss offers a national job board, company reviews, and articles to help individuals reach their goals. The blog is filled with useful information that has been written by countless guest contributors as well as the Career Bliss Team.


5. College Info Geek


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “How to Be More Confident: 5 Strategies that Worked for Me”
  • “7 Ways to Calm Your Nerves When You’re Meeting New People”

Thomas Frank is the founder and sole writer for College Info Geek. Thomas caters to students who are looking for better ways to study and make the most out of their college experience. In his blog and podcast, Thomas covers several topics about college life, useful relationships/partnerships, and building a solid financial foundation.


6.  Come Recommended


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “This Is How You Reach Your Target Audience With the Best Content Format”
  • “4 Ways To Prevent Your Remote Employees From Feeling Isolated”

Come Recommended is focused on content marketing and digital PR for job searches. Their experts are devoted to connecting people and brands. Come Recommended has three separate blogs that cater to different categories within the job search market. Several different people with experience in Career Management, Recruiting, Marketing, and Digital PR contribute their advice to the blogs.


7.  Lea McLeod


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “8 Steps to Bouncing Back After Getting Fired”
  • “How to Give an Interview Presentation That Will Get You the Offer”

Lea McLeod’s purpose is to help individuals find peace of mind at work. Lea speaks on the importance of mastering your job instead of allowing it to master you. Lea is the only writer for her blog, so within each article readers will get valuable information plus a personal connection to help them find that peace and balance.


8.  Life After College


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “How to Make the Most of the Last Three Months of the Year”
  • “My Passion Failed Me”

Jenny Blake is the founder of Life After College, and has a passion for inspiring people to wake up and live their lives. Jenny encourages individuals to take risks and enjoy their journey. Jenny along with her team contribute articles to the blog and share their experiences of life after college.


9.  Social Hire 


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “Social Media: 3 Reasons Why Your Business Will Miss Out If You’re Not On LinkedIn”
  • “How to Create a Winning Hobbies and Interests Section on Your Resume”

Social Hire helps recruitment teams, marketing managers, and small business owners enhance their social media to attract proven results. Social Hire has three separate blogs focusing on specific positions and situations. Several members of the Social Hire Team contribute their research and expertise to the articles on each blog.


10.  The Muse


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “You Will Always Have to Pay Your Dues, Even in Your Dream Career”
  • “3 Tips to Help You Get Through a Bad Week at Work (Because it Happens)”

The Muse posts job opportunities and offers insightful career advice through online resources and career coaches. The blog is filled with tips from experts on how to manage several work-related issues.


11.  Undergrad Success 


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “Land the Internship Using Social Media Marketing Strategies”
  • “Preparing For Work: The Soft Skills You Need To Succeed”

Undergrad Success started off with three friends who wanted to share their experiences so that other students could learn from them and achieve success. Currently, Undergrad Success has more than 30 authors who contribute knowledge with the world.


12.  Intern Queen


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “5 Steps to Creating a Positive Online Presence”
  • “How To Pitch Yourself or Your Company!”

Lauren Berger is the founder of Intern Queen. She is dedicated to connecting young adults with internships and career opportunities that are in line with their ultimate career goals. Throughout the blog portion, Lauren shares articles about online presence, how to land your dream job, pitching yourself to a company, and so much more.


13.  Career Trend


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “Digging into the discomfort of job search to empower change”
  • “Connect Your Career Pitch With the Listener’s Thoughts”

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter is a Master Resume Writer and founder of Career Trend. Throughout her blog, she blends her strategic interview skills with her journalistic writing style to empower and connect to the masses.


14.  Learning to Leap 


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “How To Get Hired Using The Customer Window”
  • “Career Direction: How to Make A More Informed Leap”

David Shindler’s Learning to Leap blog focuses on the mindset and soft skills you need to become more employable. David is a career coach, speaker and author working in education and business. He shares insightful tips and information to inspire, motivate, and help readers become more adaptable to change in their professional life.


15.  Career Shifters


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “From Financial Services to Social Enterprise”
  • “How Can I Get Experience In A New Sector While Still Working Full Time?”

Career Shifters was created by a group of friends who were tired of feeling unfulfilled at their jobs. They had the courage to make a shift in their career, and now they want to encourage everyone else who is unhappy in their job to do the same.


16.  Career Tree


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “Is fear holding you back in your career?”
  • “Why you need a roadmap for your career”

Career Tree was founded in 2010 by Sarah Archer. Sarah is passionate about helping individuals find a career they love. The blog on Career Tree is filled with encouragement, advice, career development, and interview and resume tips.


17.  Chameleon Resumes


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “How Dare They Ask Me That!?”
  • “Combating Ageism: How Facebook Jealousy Taught Me to Network Better”

Chameleon Resumes has a team of executive resume and LinkedIn profile writers dedicated to creating eye-catching documentation and teaching individuals how to land a job faster. Blog articles focus on  ways job seekers can reach hiring managers and advice from founder, Lisa Rangel, a 13-year recruiter and LinkedIn’s Job Seeker Premium Group Moderator.


18.  Career Valet


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “The Dirty Little Secret About Networking – US News”
  • “What to Remove From Your Resume Right Now – US News”

Career Valet has experienced resume writers, interview tools, and an efficient job search to help individuals get to the next level of their career. Marcelle Yeager is the President of Career Valet and has more than 10 years of experience as a communications and strategy consultant. She uses her experience to craft each article on her blog, to encourage people to progress in their careers.


19.  Career Solvers


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “How to Get More Than the Average 2.9% Salary Increase in 2017”
  • “How to Conduct a Job Search Without Your Boss Finding Out”

Career Solvers offers resume and cover letter development, revisions, and coaching services. Career Solvers is focused on equipping men and women with the right tools to present themselves well professionally. Barbara Safani is the owner and writer for Career Solvers.


20.  Jibber Jobber 


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “How To Have That Hard Conversation”
  • “How Recruiters (Should) Think”

JibberJobber is a free tool that anyone can use for his or her personal career management. Within JibberJobber people can search for jobs, organize and track target companies, and prepare for interviews. The blog is filled with tips on how to make the most out of a job search and land your dream job.


21.  Ask a Manager  


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “I want to tell our CEO to fire his incompetent assistant and hire me for her job”
  • “My boss wants a timeline for me leaving and I haven’t even given notice”

Ask a Manager is catered to consulting individuals on job-related issues regarding hiring, firing, promoting, and managing. Allison Green is the writer and founder of Ask a Manager and loves to give advice and share her experiences.


22.  Campus to Career 


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “Opening Yourself Up to Feedback”
  • “21 Interview Tips to Help You Shine”

Kirk Baumann is the founder and writer for Campus to Career. He is driven to prepare the next generation as they embark on their professional journey. The blog is filled with essential information on career development and helping young adults find the jobs of their dreams.


23.  Career Woman Inc


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “3 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Getting That Promotion You’ve Wanted”
  • “2 Job Offers? Here’s How To Choose”

Lisa Quast is the founder and CEO of Career Woman, Inc. She has experience as a career coach, pageant coach, and a business consultant. Career Woman is for women around the world who want to grow professionally and maximize their potential in the workplace.


24.  Corn on the Job 


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “If You Build It, They Will Come: Starting and Sustaining Your Own Web Design Business”
  • “Born for Broadcasting: Taking the Right Career Path for Radio”

Rich DeMatteo, a staffing and Human Resources professional, created Corn on the Job. He is the sole writer for the blog and shares his experiences within agency and corporate recruiting.


25.  Hallie Crawford 


Recent Blog Posts:

  • “How to Build Your LinkedIn Presence”
  • “Need a Career Makeover? Five Tips for Reinventing Yourself”

Hallie Crawford offers career coaching along with her two teammates, Jasmine and Katie. Hallie’s main goal is to mentor individuals to find a fulfilling career. She does this through career coaching services and valuable articles sharing advice from her career journey.