Top 23 Podcasts for Career and Job Advice

If you want to soak in some career advice while you’re on-the-go, consider downloading a few career podcasts.

To help you out, we researched the top career and job podcasts of 2016 and compiled them in the list below.

The podcasts are ranked by number of iTunes ratings. In addition to the top career podcasts on iTunes, we also include a few up and coming career podcasts at the end of the list.


1. This is Your Life


Podcast Hosts: Michael Hyatt and Michele Cushatt

Number of Ratings: 2,259

Average Rating: 5 Stars

3 Recent Episodes: Why Accountability is Vital for Leaders – Ep 208 (encore episode)

The 3 Forces that Shape Character – Ep 207 (encore episode)

What if the Barriers were only in your Head? – Ep 206 (encore episode)

Average Length of Time for an Episode: About 35 minutes

As its title implies, the “This is Your Life” podcast inspires listeners to take back control of their own life. Episodes discuss themes that will encourage and help listeners to work with better focus and intentionality. The website provides more resources as well as contains more information about each podcast episode.


2. Back to Work


Podcast Hosts: Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin

Number of Ratings: 1,878

Average Rating: 4.6 Stars

3 Recent Episodes: Surely You Can’t Be Sirius – Ep 296

I’m not Talkin’ for Clapping – Ep 295

Sufficiently Advanced Friendship – Ep 294

Average Length of Time for an Episode: 1 hour 30 minutes

Tackling all topics work related, Mann and Benjamin provide guidance on how to navigate the workplace and how to overcome some workplace problems. The website provides a more detailed description of each episode.


3. Good Life Project


Podcast Hosts: Jonathon Fields

Number of Ratings: 525

Average Rating: 5 Stars

3 Recent Episodes: Are you Measuring Your Success with the Wrong Metric? – Ep 150

Panache Desai: On Teachers, Triggers, Presence, and Grace – Ep 149

Our Podcast Setup – Ep 148

Average Length of Time for an Episode: There’s a wide range. Longer episodes are about an hour; shorter episodes are about 10 minutes

Be inspired to live your life to the fullest with this podcast. Episodes cover topics that will challenge and inspire you to enjoy and make the most of this one life that we have. The website offers an in-depth look into the Good Life Project.


4. The Ziglar Show – Inspiring Your True Performance


Podcast Hosts: Kevin Miller and Tom Ziglar

Number of Ratings: 460

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

3 Recent Episodes: 434: Provide value, get paid – with Jeff Goins

433: Who taught you how to communicate?

432: Fire your boss! But keep your job – with Aaron McHugh

Average Length of Time for an Episode: 1 hour

The Ziglar Show takes messages from the famed Zig Ziglar and discusses them. Kevin and Tom often interview thought-leaders like Chris Guillebeau and Brian Tracy. You can find a full list of the podcasts on the website as well as ask a question that may be featured on a future podcast.


5. Beyond the To-Do List


Podcast Hosts: Erik Fisher

Number of Ratings: 429

Average Rating: 4.6 Stars

3 Recent Episodes: Hacking Corporate – Ep 156

Investing – Ep 155

Consistency – Ep 154

Average Length of Time for an Episode: About 45 minutes

Erik Fisher discusses all things productivity in his podcast. From personal productivity to professional, each episode will share real stories of the show’s guests’ paths to productivity and listeners will gain insight into new strategies that could help them become more productive in their own life.


6. Tara Brach


Podcast Hosts: Tara Brach

Number of Ratings: 352

Average Rating: 4.6 Stars

3 Recent Episodes: Awakening Consciousness in Shadowy Times – part 2 – Ep 300

Meditation: Cultivating a Mindeful Awareness – Ep 299

Awakening Consciousness in Shadowy Times – Ep 298

Average Length of Time for an Episode: About 45 minutes long, though meditations are much shorter (around 15 minutes)

Incorporating intentional mindfulness and awareness can increase productivity and happiness in all aspects of life. Through her podcast, Tara Brach provides insights and instruction as to how to increase mindfulness in everyday life. Through her website, one can find even more resources about mindfulness and meditation.


7. 48 Days to the Work You Love


Podcast Hosts: Dan Miller

Number of Ratings: 245

Average Rating: 4.66 Stars

3 Recent Episodes: Ep 4 – To appreciate beauty, find the best in others

Ep 3 – 10 companies no longer require a degree

Ep 2 – I’m overeducated and can’t find a job

Average Length of Time for an Episode: 49 minutes

Dan Miller is the best-selling author of the book 48 Days. In his podcast series, Dan discusses a number of topics that can impact career and workplace happiness. The website also links to many of his other works, appearances, and seminars.


8. How Did You Get Into That?


Podcast Hosts: Grant Baldwin

Number of Ratings: 236

Average Rating: 5 Stars

3 Episodes: How to Wrap Up a Podcast – Ep 142

How to Be a “Fit Nerd” – Ep 141

How to Start and Grow a Digital Magazine – Ep 140

Average Length of Time for an Episode: About 32 minutes

Whether you are looking for inspiration to follow your true passion or just looking to hear about interesting jobs that people have, you will find what you are looking for here. Host Grant Baldwin interviews persons from all walks of life and occupations and discusses, as the title would suggest, how they ended up doing what they are doing. More resources and information on Grant can be found on the website.


9.  Accidental Creative


Podcast Hosts: Todd Henry

Number of Ratings: 218

Average Rating: 4.6 Ratings

3 Episodes: The Power of Saying No – Ep 45

How to Live a Good Life – Ep 44

The Value of a Good Story – Ep 43

Average Length of Time for an Episode: About 20 minutes (longest being around 30 min)

Be inspired to become, in the words of host Todd Henry, “prolific, brilliant, and healthy” in your personal and work life. The podcast offers inspiration topics and practical applications of ideas to inspire and increase work productivity and happiness. The website offers more resources, blog articles, and other ways to connect with Todd and his team.


10. Career Tools Podcast


Podcast Hosts: Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman

Number of Ratings: 159

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

3 Episodes: How to Analyze Your Job Search – Quantity; Ep 300

Time (Priority) Management – part 2 – HOF; Ep 299

Time (Priority) Management – part 3 – HOF; Ep 298

Average Length of Time for an Episode: 20 minutes

The award-winning Career Tools podcast will help you discover new ways to get ahead in your career, whether you are starting over or just looking to advance in your current profession. The website offers tools for both employees and managers and a bit more information about the podcast itself.


11. Find Your Dream Job


Podcast Hosts: Mac Prichard, Ben Forstag, Jenna Forstrom

Number of Ratings: 116

Average Rating: 4.99 Stars

3 Episodes: Ep 059 – How Women Can Shatter the Glass Ceiling, 34 min

Ep 058 – Is it Time to Look for your Next Job? 31 min

Ep 057 Find Your Inner Voice in a Job Interview, 35 min

Average Length of Time for an Episode: About 35 minutes (excluding “bonus episodes”, which are about 5 minutes)

“Find Your Dream Job” is a podcast designed to support persons in their pursuit of finding better and more meaningful work. Each episode covers a topic that is designed to provide insight and support into the employment process – interviewing, job searching, changing job sectors, etc. With each week’s topic, the podcast brings in a special guest host who is considered an expert in the given field. In addition to blog information and archives, the website offers links to courses and a job board for the Portland, Oregon area as well as other cities in the Pacific Northwest.


12.  The Leadership Dojo


Podcast Hosts: Alex Barker

Number of Ratings: 105

Average Rating: 5 Stars

3 Episodes: The Pursuit of the Dojo – Special Ep

The Power of Starting Something Stupid – Ep 50

Start with Why – Ep 49

Average Length of Time for an Episode: 40 minutes

There are many paths to success and leadership, and host Alex Barker attempts to discover the many paths to success. Through his interviews of business leaders, athletes, authors, and more, Alex helps his listeners take away tips to help them become more successful in their lives.


13. Happen to Your Career


Podcast Hosts: Scott Anthony Barlow

Number of Ratings: 94

Average Rating: 5 Stars

3 Episodes: Experience Career Magic with Lee Crockerell – Ep 150

Volunteerism and the Hidden Job Market – Ep 149

How to Accelerate your career with Bozi Dar – Ep 148

Average Length of Time for an Episode: About 50 minutes, but some episodes are well over an hour

Happen to Your Career is a podcast that will inspire you to change the world! Or, at the very least, compel you to find work that you love. This podcast and its website provide the inspiration and tools that will help you along your journey to workplace happiness.


14. Paychecks & Balances


Podcast Hosts: Rich Jones and Marcus Garrett

Number of Ratings: 87

Average Rating: 4.9 Stars

Last 3 Episodes: Small Business Finance ft. Sylvia Inks, Ep 28

Debthood ft. Aja McClanahan, Ep 27

Behind the Brilliance ft. Lisa Nichole Bell, Ep 26

Average Length of Time for an Episode: 50 minutes

Rich and Marcus are two men in their thirties who, as their website states, put together a podcast that covers “work and money for the rising professional.” The fun and lighthearted episodes cover important topics such as personal finance and professional development. On their website, you can sign up for their newsletter and learn more about their stories. A new episode is released approximately every Tuesday.


15. How To Be Awesome at Your Job


Podcast Hosts: Pete Mockaitis

Number of Ratings: 81

Average Rating: 5 star average

Last 3 Episodes: 79: Intentional Scheduling with Jeff Sanders

78: Getting Your Voice Heard with Rob Walch

77: Positive Responses for Positive Results with Maura Sweeney

Average Length of Time for an Episode: 30 – 40 minutes

Each week, Pete grills thought-leaders for insights on how to be awesome at your job! Boost your work performance. You can get the transcripts and show notes at the website.


16. Adulthood Made Easy


Podcast Hosts: Sam Zabell

Number of Ratings: 50

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

Last 3 Episodes: How to Find (and Use) Your Voice – Ep 85

Sometimes You Don’t’ Have a Career path – Ep 84

Landlord Nightmares – Ep 83

Average Length of Time for an Episode: 30 minutes

A podcast for young people. Sam Zabell tries to tackle some of adulthood’s tough questions – like how to negotiate a raise and budgeting.


17.  CareerCloud – Job Search Advice & Tactics


Podcast Hosts: Chris Russell

Number of Ratings: 43

Average Rating: 4.8 Stars

Last 3 Episodes: How to Market Yourself When You’re Unemployed, Ep 100

The Motivated Networker with Brian Howard, Ep 99

Recruiters have Resume Bias, Ep 98

Average Length of Time for an Episode: 20 – 30 minutes

Chris Russell, through his podcast, provides practical advice to persons seeking jobs. He tackles topics ranging from resume writing to personal branding. On the CareerCloud website, you will find a job board, even more information about job seeking, and further insights into each podcast episode.


18.  Productivityist


Podcast Host: Mike Vardy

Number of Ratings: 30

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

Last 3 Episodes: Sound Speaking with Grant Baldwin – Ep 117

The Poewr of When with Dr. Michael Breus – Ep 116

ProTECHtivity with Steve Dotto – Ep 115

Average Length of Time for an Episode: 30 minutes

As the name suggests, this podcast will provide you tips to organize and prioritize your life. The website offers more podcast information, a blog with more in-depth articles, and other services such as coaching.


19.  Love Your Work and Life


Podcast Hosts: Anna Runyan

Number of Ratings: 10

Average Rating: 5 Stars

Last 3 Episodes: 3 Fundamental Myths about Work-Life Balance – Ep 63

4 Keys to Finding Customers with No Stress – Ep 62

5 Essential Steps to Grow and Scale Your Business – Ep 61

Average Length of Time for an Episode: 20 minutes to over 1 hour

Run by the well-known website “Classy Career Girl”, this podcast is dedicated to helping women get ahead in their careers. This podcast and website will help women clarify their career goals and then achieve them.


20.  Job Search Boot Camp


Podcast Hosts: Jay Markunas and Angela Loeb

Number of Ratings: 5

Average Rating: 4.8 Stars

Last 3 Episodes: Going Solo – Entrepreneurship as a Career Direction – Ep 50

Job Search: What’s Your Plan? – Ep 49

Ready, Aim, Get Hired! – Ep 48

Average Length of Time for an Episode: 37 minutes (older episodes were almost all 49 minutes)

Career advice, resume tips, and lots more can be found through this podcast’s episodes. Special guests join the episodes to discuss the given topic. The website offers more formal tools to assist with one’s job search.


Up and Coming Podcasts

While these podcasts don’t currently have ratings on itunes, they have potential so watch out for them next year!


21.  CareerJoy


Podcast Hosts: Allen Kearns

Number of Ratings: Not on itunes

Average Rating: Not on itunes

Last 3 Episodes: Soft Skills – The #1 Way to Advance Your Career – Ep 244

Work-life balance for real people – Ep 243

The 8 Traits that Lead to Great Career Success – Ep 242

Average Length of Time for an Episode: About 30 minutes

Finding happiness in your career leads to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. The goal of CareerJoy is to help you in that process. The podcast episodes cover topics that will help listeners think about their careers and career satisfaction provides many more resources and more formal tools for finding your true career calling.


22.  Career Success Radio from Your Career Catalyst


Podcast Hosts: Annemarie Cross and Keith Keller

Number of Ratings: Not received enough ratings

Average Rating: Not received enough ratings

Last 3 Episodes: A New Journey Begins – Ep 109

Discover your full potential – Ep 108

Social Media Etiquette – Ep 107

Average Length of Time for an Episode: About 1 hour

Run by two HR professionals, this blog offers advice on employment topics for people running their own business and those looking to advance their career within an existing business. Episode topics range from social media etiquette to networking.


23.  The Voice of Job Seekers


Podcast Hosts: Mark Anthony Dyson

Number of Ratings: Not enough reviews

Average Rating: Not enough reviews

Last 3 Episodes: Trust in the workplace with Payscale – Ep 50

Disability Rights, Gender and Race Pay Equality – Ep 49

Giving Women Courage in their Career Development – Ep 48

Average Length of Time for an Episode: About 20-50 minutes

This podcast offers advice to job-seekers and those who are currently under-employed or, as Mark states, “under-appreciated.” You can find all sorts of employment advice in the podcast episodes, and the podcast makes an effort to be inclusive of all persons in the topics they cover. The website offers many more job search tools and a helpful blog.


Have you found valuable career advice from podcasts? Let us know in the comments.