Top Healthcare Careers [Infographic]

Healthcare is an exciting career industry. There are hundreds of different occupations within the healthcare industry, many of which are high paying.

In fact, some of the highest paying careers are in healthcare. Physicians made #1 in our top 10 healthcare careers as well as #3 in our top 100 careers overall. Part of the appeal of a career as a physician is the high pay (the median is over $220K a year) plus the large salary potential (many physicians earn over $400K a year). In addition, the job outlook is high and the number of new jobs between now and 2024 is nearly 100,000.

The only real downside to this career are the education requirements as not everyone is suited for the rigorous training involved in medical school.

However, there are many healthcare jobs that don’t require nearly as much education. For instance, a career as a dental hygienist only requires an Associate’s degree and this field pays a median salary of $72K a year.

If you’ve already decided that healthcare is the right career for you, then take a look at the top 10 healthcare careers in the infographic below:


The healthcare careers were ranked on six different criteria. These criteria included salary potential, median salary, job outlook between now and 2024, employment numbers, changes in employment and the typical education required. All data came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics or

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