Top 28 Resume Writers of 2016

You’ve scoured the Internet for job openings in the field you love, and have finally found the perfect position. You decide to give your resume a quick fix before sending it off. But after two weeks, you still haven’t heard back from the employer. You have the qualifications, the education, and the experience—so what went wrong?

Job-seekers often underestimate the power of a polished and precise resume. It is the very first impression that potential employers have of their candidates, and a lack luster layout, awkward formatting or the smallest typo or mis-wording can blow your chances at your dream job. This is why a professional resume writer is crucial: not only do they ensure quality resumes, they can also offer tips for your interview, assist you in the job search and help you pave the pathway to your career with ease.

Below are our top 28 choices for those of you looking to beef up your resumes and ensure success as you begin your job hunt (in no particular order).


1. Michelle A. Riklan of Riklan Resources


Michelle A. Riklan is the CEO of Riklan Resources, an international powerhouse when it comes to resume writing and career management. Founded in 2004 the company has expanded and serves corporations in need of transition assistance for employees in the New York metropolitan area. The company has garnered a reputation as one of the leading executive resume services across the globe.

Riklan herself holds an M.A. in Speech and Interpersonal Communications from NYU and a Certified DiSC Trainer, providing distinct insight into each independent client. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry and a handful of TORI Awards, one can expect A+ quality from Riklan Resources.



2.  Matthew Schmidt or Profile Blueprint

matthew-schmidtProfile Blueprint is the perfect name for Matthew Schmidt’s resume writing services. Not only does this company offer top-quality content strategies to help you stand out in your next job interview, but they also provide e-courses to help you navigate the flourishing social network LinkedIn.

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach with several years of experience in the employment sector, Schmidt understands the necessary steps that can help anyone land their dream career.

3.  Louise Kursmark of Louise Kursmark

louis-kursmarkWhy stop at making a great impression when you can make it your best impression? Louise Kursmark is the President of the executive resume development and career coaching company Best Impression, which has remained at the top of its game since 1983.

Kursmark has over 20 years of experience in the field and has acquired the prestige Master Resume Writer certification for her excellence in writing. Her knowledge in careers, however, goes well beyond resume writing: she has dozens of publications on various career-oriented topics through Emerald Career Publishing, and has even spoken on subjects such as corporate responsibility and job search skills across the country.

4.  Steve Burdan of Real Clear Resumes

steve-burdanSteve Burdan is the CPRW-certified writer behind Real Clear Resumes, a unique resume and support document writing service that has catered to a plethora of diverse clients ranging from Hospitality to Academia. His educational background is just as eclectic: Burdan holds a B.A. in History, an M.A in German and an M.Div. in Theology, and has even studied abroad in Germany and the UK. His wide range of expertise and cosmopolitan background gives Burdan an unrivaled edge during a time when access to a global market is right at our fingertips.


5.  Laura Garbers of Craft Resumes

laura-garbarsThough Laura Garbers has only been a Business Coach and Resume Writer with Craft Resumes for about 2 years, she has been sharpening her career knowledge for over two decades with clients all over the world.

Her multifaceted experiences in the Greater New Orleans area and beyond—ranging from teaching English in Germany to directing a local children’s choir—have given her a well-rounded background to ensure quality content for even the most idiosyncratic job seekers.

6.  Marie Zimenoff of A Strategic Advantage

marie-zimenoffThere are only a few resume writers out there that are as distinguished as Marie Zimenoff. Based out of the Colorado area, Zimenoff is a Certified Career Management and Leadership Development Coach, a recognized Career Thought Leader and previous President of the National Resume Writers’ Association.

Zimenoff is continuously challenging her limits and teaching others by contributing to platforms such as Yahoo! Education and BusinessNewsDaily, proving her assiduity and diligence as a professional resume writer.

7.  Erin Kennedy of Exclusive Executive Resumes

erin-kennedyToast of the Resume Industry is quite familiar with Erin Kennedy and her company Professional Resume Services, Inc. This is because she has received yearly nominations for this prestigious award, and in this past year alone, 7 additional members of her team were also TORI nominees.

Her credentials are similarly impressive; along with being a Certified Master Resume Writer, Kennedy is a professional Master Career Director and Certified Empowerment and Motivational Coach, just to name a few of her stellar qualifications.

8.  Robin Schlinger of Robin Resumes

robin-schlinger2016 is an exciting year for Robin Resumes as they enter their 10th year anniversary. The success of Robin Schlinger’s private practice is clear: not only has she proven that she can offer high-quality, job-winning resume writing services, but she is also a recognized Military Transition Expert and has trained several junior-level resume writers the trick of the trade.

She has become internationally renown specifically for her Technical and IT resume writing, and has been a judge for several reputable awards such as TORI and World’s Best Resume Writer (WBW).

9.  Donna Sweidan of Career Folk

donna-sweidanGrounding yourself with a solid resume can better your chances during your next job interview, but what steps can you take to progress your career as a whole? Donna Sweidan, a certified Master Career Counsellor with an MA in Counselling from NYU, understands the importance of these crucial steps.

Her company Careerfolk offers individualized services that balances the pre-interview resume writing with coaching and self-paced advancements as you transition into your ideal career path.

10.  Karen Siwak of Resume Confidential

karen-siwakThere aren’t too many resume writers who can claim their work has resulted in award-winning contributions to their own state or provincial government, but Karen Siwak is one of them. This Certified Resume Strategist and Certified Job Search Strategist working from Toronto, ON is one of the most in-demand resume writers in Canada with years of experience dealing with the most complex clientele.

Despite assisting thousands of clients internationally, Siwak limits herself to 10 new clients each week, ensuring quality career management and personalized resume writing. Her work has even landed her a nomination for Career Professionals of Canada’s distinguished Awards of Excellence.


11.  Melody Godfred of Write In Color

melody-godfreyIf you’re looking for a creative and colourful touch to your resume, Melody Godfred and her team of writers should be at the top of your list. Godfred is a former litigation attorney and novelist, thus embracing the full spectrum of the written word.

She is now the founder of LA’s leading resume service, Write In Color, and her contemporary approach and positive impact has even earned her a 2014 Women Making a Difference Award in the Los Angeles Business Journal.

12.  Louise Fletcher of Blue Sky Resumes

louis-fletcherTwitter isn’t the little blue bird you should be looking out for if you’re in need of a resume makeover. Louise Fletcher was tired of the drab resumes that fell across her desk as an HR executive, and her resume writing company has since skyrocketed to success.

Blue Sky Resumes has been published in over 20 resume books and are recognized as experts in the field by the likes of Oprah Winfrey Magazine, ABC and Washington Post. Fletcher herself has a broad range of experience in industries such as music, video games, advertising and fashion, giving her a breadth of knowledge that makes every resume shine.

13.  Julie Walraven of Design Resumes

julie-walravenGetting expert resume writing strategies has never been more accessible and interactive than with Julie Walraven’s Design Resumes.

Walraven and her company have tapped into the capabilities of the 21st century digital boom, offering unique live writing sessions where each client is an active participant in building their brand. Her credentials are nothing to scoff at, either: Walraven is a Certified Executive Resume Master and Certified Master Resume Writer, assisting hundreds of local Wisconsin and global go-getters alike.

14.  Mir Garvy of Job Market Solutions


Sometimes attention to specific keywords or technical details can make a world of difference for your resume, and Mir Garvy has a competitive edge in sifting through the fine details. Her experience as a Web Content Writer and Strategist equips her to optimize the language of your resume and, as the founder of Job Market Solutions, it’s no wonder that her clients, including C-suite executives, directors and VPs, are so satisfied with her work.

Garvy is a member of the National Resume Writers’ Association and Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, keeping her up-to-date with the latest advances in career management and job search strategies. She is also a regular speaker on topics related to resume and LinkedIn writing at various conferences and is often tapped to speak to companies that are downsizing in order to help affected employees secure new jobs.

15.  Candace Alstad – Davies of Resumes for Teachers


Candace Alstad – Davies is the president of A+ Resumes for Teachers, founded over 16 years ago.

Davies helps academic professionals and newcomers in the education sector with interveiw career coaching, CV curriculum vitae and resume writing, LinkedIn profile and other job search documents. Candace has become world renown by catering to such a particular clientele.

As a long-time educational expert and full time learner, Davies’ services are not just great for school teachers, but edupreneurs, school administrators, career changers and instructional leaders in Higher Education.

16.  Grant Cooper of Strategic Resumes

grant-cooperGrant Cooper has the privilege of being known as New Orleans’ only Certified Advanced Resume Writer, and the prestige of his clients speaks volumes on his success in the industry. From NFL football players to non-profit executive directors, Cooper has worked with a variety of high-profile cases, as well as a multitude of other professionals.

His company, Strategic Resumes, has been ranked as the #3 online resume provider across the country, and his work has been recognized by the acclaimed Career Directors International TORI Nominations. He’s somehow even managed to find time to author the software program Resume Critique Writer, assisting resume writing firms and university campuses on an international scale.

17.  Jessica H. Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast

jessica-hernandezThere’s perhaps no one better to provide resume tips than a former Human Resources Manager or Operations Recruiter. Fortunately for you, Jessica H. Hernandez has 12+ years of expertise in this field, and therefore truly understands what employers are seeking.

The continued affluence of her company, Great Resumes Fast—recently recognized as the best Resume Writing Service for the fourth time in a row—showcases her state-of-the-art writing abilities and the incredible prowess of her hand-selected team.

18.  Chris Fields of Resume Crusade

chris-fieldsChris Fields’ resume writing service Resume Crusade humbly began as a favor for a personal friend that has since evolved into his own top-quality professional practice. Qualified as a Master of Labor and Human Resources, Fields knows the ins and outs of the world of employment potentiality, and has lead his clients into job interviews with companies such as Google, Apple, University of Houston, Federal Express, and more.

His simple and clear approach to resume writing makes him stand out amongst a sea of job-seeking services, and others think so too: he has been quoted as a resume expert by Monster Thinking, Mashable, and even

19.  Dawn Bugni of Write Solution

dawn-bugniA strong resume will help bring out your core talents, but what if those talents are yet to be discovered? The Write Solution founder and Atkinson, NC local Dawn Bugni’s personalized approach and targeted has helped a variety of her clients uncover their full potential as employees.

Not only an acclaimed Career Thought Leader and Certified Master Resume Writer, Bugni is also featured in publications such as Arnold Boldt’s Resumes for the Rest of Us, and her resumes appear in Pat Criscito’s Resumes that Pop: Designs that Reflect your Personal Brand as well as Evelyn Salvador’s Step-by-Step Resumes: Build an Outstanding Resume in 10 Easy Steps

20.  Laura Smith-Proulx of An Expert Resume

laura-smithYou know you’ve chosen the right resume writing service when they’re breaking US records! Laura Smith-Proulx is the brains and willpower behind, which has garnered an unbelievable 30 total global award nominations as of this year.

Smith-Proulx is also well-versed when it comes to resume writing, job search strategies and career management with 10 diverse certifications in fields such as Brand Analysis, Career Transition and Social Media. Overall, Smith-Proulx has put her

21.  Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter of Career Trend

jacque-barretLike any form of expression, the resume is an art that comes to life when penned by a concise, talented writer, and it’s fair to say that Certified Master Resume Writer and Career Trend partner Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter is an artist in her own right.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Writing-Journalism, recognizing the evocative value of the written word and the profound stories that a well-conceived resume can tell. What’s more, this passionate wordsmith has been identified as a Top 100 Career Blog of 2015 and a Top Career Website of 2016 by online groups.

22.  Gayle Howard of Top Margin

gayle-howardSelf-acclaimed “Word Nerd” Gayle Howard started her business Top Margin after an epiphanic moment in early 1990. After a decade in progressively responsible administrative roles, Howard found her voice by channeling her life-long passion for writing, and hasn’t turned back since.

In her 25+ years in career coaching and resume writing, she has been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award as a Master Resume Writer and Master Career Professional, helping employees of all backgrounds to find their own professional voice.

23.  Amanda Augustine of Job Search Amanda

amanda-augustineIf anyone empathizes with the struggles of the everyday job-seeker, it’s Amanda Augustine. For over ten years Augustine has been working with both recruiters and potential employees, learning from the very areas her clients must navigate on their way to landing their next job offer.

As a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, a highly sought-after speaker and recent addition to the TopResume team, Augustine is constantly pushing her professional abilities to ensure quality service.

24.  Debra Wheatman of Careers Done Write

debra-wheatmanDebra Wheatman, President of Careers Done Write, has been known for her uncanny ability to decipher her clients’ personalities and career goals to a tee, transmitting them flawlessly into a clear, compact resume.

A Certified Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach, Wheatman brings over 18 years of corporate human resource practice to her craft and continues to impress the Greater New York City area and beyond.

25.  Lisa Rangel of Chameleon Resumes

lisa-rangelAs far as qualified resume writers go, Chameleon Resumes’ President and Cornell University graduate Lisa Rangel is among the best. Like most professionals, Rangel is a Certified Professional Resume Writer; however, she has an additional 8 certifications ranging from SEO Networking to Employment Interview Consultancy.

Along with her handful of credentials she also has 13 years of experience in recruitment and has been featured on BBC, Investors Business Daily and Fox Business News, among others. These successes over the past 7½ years have lead to name Chameleon Resumes as one of the Top 100 Career Websites.


26.  Rosa E. Vargas of Career Steering

rose-vargasBased out of Maitland, Florida, Rosa E. Vargas is the Executive Resume Writer for She is one of the few resume writers holding a Certified Master Resume Writer qualification, and is pushing herself to new strides in her field, earning 17 honours in resume writing, hiring management and human resources.

Her expertise expands well beyond the page as well: Vargas was a previous presenter on Resume Branding for the National Resume Writers’ Association, as well as a Fortune 500 Job Search Exper for

27.  Robert Dagnall of Resume Guru

robert-dagnellRobert Dagnall is the President of the appropriately-named Resume Guru and has personally assisted over 7,000 clients over the past 24 years. Working out of the San Diego area, his light, humorous style is bound to catch any employer’s attention.

This 2016 TORI Finalist has been featured on multiple television and online media sites including CNN, AOL News, and MSN, and his resume and career advice has been published in top-notch business collections such as The Twitter Job Search Guide and Expert Resumes for Health Care Careers.


28. Donna Svei of Avid Careerist

donna-sveiSaving one of the best for last, Donna writes resumes for business executives. Her background in retained search and her financial expertise, honed by years at Deloitte, let her tell executives’ stories in a manner that resonates in the C-suite and beyond.

She has been honored by as one of the best in the business and her executive job search counsel has been featured by business publications such as FastCompany, Forbes, and Money.


Before you start sending off those applications to land a career of a lifetime, make sure you polish up your resume with one of these fantastic writers. It may mean forking out a bit of extra cash, but if you’re looking for long-term job security, career advancement, and bettering your odds at getting the position you’ve dreamed of, it’s well worth it.

Did we miss any of your top choices? Let us know in the comments below!


users-cam-macdonald-portraiCameron MacDonald is a writer, freelancer and researcher based out of Toronto, ON. He is a recent BA (Hons) English graduate from Ryerson University and is currently a Research Assistant at the Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre.