Top 28 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Valuable Career and Job Search Advice

The Internet is a wonderful resource for career advice. Whether you’re a student entering the job hunt or an experienced entrepreneur, the online world has a myriad of fantastic methods and tips to help you pave your path to success. But in the fast-paced, high-pressure environment of the 21st century workforce, it can be difficult to make time for that 5,000 word think piece on the current economic climate.

So how does one find expert career advice fast without sifting through hundreds of Forbes articles? Lucky for you, we’ve put together the Top 28 Twitter accounts that every professional and job seeker should follow in order to get the best tips on leadership, marketability, and career advancement—all in less than 140 characters.


1. Dan Schawbel (@DanSchawbel)

Followers: 212,426 (1 Nov. 2016)


Lately it seems that self-branding expert Dan Schawbel is everywhere you turn, whether it be as the New York Times bestselling author of Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success, a contributing writer to Forbes, or a keynote speaker at conferences around the world. Inspiring Millennials to take hold of their future, Schawbel is a key voice in the promotion of youth leadership in the workplace.


2. CareerBuilder (@CareerBuilder)

Followers: 174,146 (1 Nov. 2016)


Not sure where to start when planning your #CareerGoals? Looking for the perfect motivational tweet to start off the work week? CareerBuilder is a fantastic place to find everything from hard-hitting think pieces to hilarious job-oriented memes.


3. Undercover Recruiter (@UndercoverRec)

Followers: 135,590 (1 Nov. 2016)


Have you had difficulties figuring out what a company is looking for in its candidates, or how to stand out when answering those far-too-elusive interview questions? Undercover Recruiter gives behind-the-scene advice from the perspective of recruiters to assist job seekers in their quest to securing a fulfilling career.


4. The Job Guy (@betterjobsearch)

Followers: 116,547 (1 Nov. 2016)


When your twitter feed is swamped by political satire, negative news articles and mindless celebrity drama, sometimes you just need that little extra dose of motivation to jumpstart your job search. The Job Guy is a great place for inspirational quotes to get you in a positive mindset for your next career move. When you’re ready to dive headfirst into your career, they can even assist you with everything from employment opportunities to resume writing.


5. Adam Grant (@AdamMGrant)

Followers: 80,470 (1 Nov. 2016)


Wharton professor and bestselling author Adam Grant made a huge impact in the world of careers and innovation earlier this year with the release of his book Originals, inspiring non-conformists around the world to keep on thinking outside the box. As a well-respected leader in meaning-making and motivation and an ardent feminist, Grant’s twitter feed is a must for those seeking knowledge from a one of today’s most unique career experts.


6. Frank Sonnenburg (@FSonnenburg)

Followers: 76,129 (2 Nov. 2016)


Career motivation is not too far away when you’re scrolling through Frank Sonnenberg’s twitter feed. Hailed as one of the Top Thought Leaders and renown for his small business consulting, Sonnenberg is a true inspiration for anyone looking to refine their leadership abilities and improve on their self-awareness.


7. Susan P. Joyce (@JobHuntOrg)

Followers: 58,562 (1 Nov. 2016)


If you’re in the process of looking for a new job, floating in between careers that don’t spark your interest, or having difficulties impressing employers during the interview process, begin your path to success by giving Susan P. Joyce a follow.


8. Mark Babbit (@MarkSBabbit)

Followers: 46,444 (2 Nov. 2016)


Mark Babbit has his finger on the pulse of today’s latest shifts in digital marketing and workplace success. If his book A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive isn’t proof enough of Babbit’s keen awareness as a career mentor, his Twitter presence will surely prove his prowess!


9. Lindsey Pollak (@lindseypollak)

Followers: 41,432 (1 Nov. 2016)


Whether you’re just graduating college or seeking expert advice on career-oriented leadership, Millenial advocate Lindsey Pollak provides inspiration for young go-getters and experienced professionals alike. Her most recent book Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders, is a New York Times Bestseller, and she continues to provide advice for Millennials entering the workforce and employers recruiting from this burgeoning demographic.


10. Hannah Morgan (@careersherpa)

Followers: 39,215 (1 Nov. 2016)


Hannah Morgan’s twitter feed is a great source for those struggling with the job hunt or are looking to re-evaluate their career path. As a long-time workshop curator and avid blogger, Morgan is bound to point you in the right direction when it comes to seeking your next career opportunity.


11. Ashley Stahl (@AshleyStahl)

Followers: 36,165 (1 Nov. 2016)


Landing any job interview can be tough, and getting your foot in the door for your dream career can be even tougher. Fortunately for you, there’s career coach and writer Ashley Stahl. Not only does she tweet out critical advice for every 20something job seeker, she also hosts online workshops to better your odds during your next interview.


12. Marc Miller (@CareerPivot)

Followers: 35,075 (2 Nov. 2016)


With so much focus on the Millennials entering the workforce, it’s difficult to find a space online for one of the most experienced demographics: Baby Boomers. Career Designer Marc Miller supports this critical population by helping you repurpose your career goals and readjust your job hunt in order to effectively face the fast-paced character of today’s recruiters.


13. Miriam Salpeter (@Keppie_Careers)

Followers: 32,265 (1 Nov. 2016)


Miriam Salpeter is a jack-of-all-trades, and a master of all! As an author, business coach, social media consultant and public speaker, Salpeter uses her 19+ years of experience in business development and job fulfillment to inspire others through Keppie Careers. Most importantly, she teaches the essentials of social media networking and how to use these online tools for positive career building.


14. Heather R. Huhman (@heatherhuhman)

Followers: 31,557 (1 Nov. 2016)


Heather R. Huhman’s expertise lies in internship empowerment in a digital age and Gen Y employee satisfaction, but her career advice expands beyond this. Check out her twitter to learn how to engage and stay positive in the ever-changing workplace environment.


15. J.T. O’Donnell (@jtodonnell)

Followers: 29,211 (1 Nov. 2016)


J.T. O’Donnell is a career coaching guru with over 15 years of experience under her belt. When she’s not busy boosting career confidence as the CEO of Work It Daily, she’s posting sharp advice articles and useful job tips all over the twittersphere.


16. YouTern (@YouTern)

Followers: 23,277


So you’ve just graduated college and looking to jump right into the workforce, but where do you start? Or perhaps you’re hoping to land an internship at the company you’ve always dreamed about. YouTern provides emerging entrepreneurs and job seekers with the necessary tools to ensure a smooth transition from the classroom to the conference room.


17. Donna Svei (@AvidCareerist)

Followers: 18,228 (2 Nov. 2016)


When it comes to executive resumes and LinkedIn profiles, Donna Svei is a pro. Her twitter is a healthy and vibrant mix of up-to-date techniques for the digital job seeker, practical tools for the hard-pressed employer, and spot-on career advice for innovative, success-driven minds.


18. Chris Westfall (@westfallonline)

Followers: 13,123 (3 Nov. 2016)


Known as the national elevator pitch champion and the ultimate pitch coach, you can expect only the pithiest and brightest tweets from Chris Westfall. Get linked to Westfall’s uplifting webinars and flood your feed with motivational maxims with the click of a button.


19. Heather Coleman Voss (@HeatherEColeman)

Followers: 11,955 (3 Nov. 2016)


As a growing name in online creation and social media management, Heather Coleman Voss keeps her followers updated on current business and leadership news through her multiple curated-content blogs.


20. Dawn Rasmussen (@DawnRasmussen)

Followers: 10,645 (3 Nov. 2016)


In today’s competitive job market, it’s absolutely critical that you stand out as a top employee. Fortunately, Dawn Rasmussen knows exactly how to do just that. Rasmussen is a certified resume writer and author of Forget Job Security: Build Your Marketability, and her feed is an exemplary reflection of her expert insight, connecting you to a plethora of articles on success and self-promotion.


21. Laura Smith-Proulx (@ResumeExpert)

Followers: 10,062 (2 Nov. 2016)


LinkedIn is the world’s largest employment-oriented networking site on the web, and Laura Smith-Proulx can make sure you make the most of it. Along with being an acclaimed LinkedIn Coach, Smith-Proulx is a world famous Executive Resume Writer, and her tweets can help you make those final tweaks before handing over the final copy to that soon-to-be impressed employer.


22. Jenny Foss (@jobjenny)

Followers: 7,707 (2 Nov. 2016)


For crafty and bubbly tips for a resume makeover or your upcoming interview, check out Jenny Foss’ twitter feed! Her fun and friendly online persona makes your career research so much more enjoyable, offering a youthful and modern approach to the job hunt.


23. Lisa Rangel (@LisaRangel)

Followers: 7,496 (2 Nov. 2016)


Leadership qualities. Willingness to learn. Focused on tasks at hand. These are just a few of the skills seen on every run-of-the-mill resume, and Executive Resume Writer and LinkedIn Professional Lisa Rangel can get you out of this writing rut. Her no-nonsense tweeting style is direct and polished, giving you the advice you need in the most efficient way possible.


24. Maggie Mistal (@MaggieMistal)

Followers: 7,004 (3 Nov. 2016)


Career coach and podcaster Maggie Mistal has a unique approach to her tweets, incorporating both bold career-building insights and spiritual guidance. Mistal’s guidance is all about helping weary workers and executives through a proven process of Soul Search, Research then Job Search. She’s also a mastermind of career success and attitude advice. In a swathe of think pieces and listicles, Mistal is a breath of fresh air.


25. Get Bullish (@GetBullish)

Followers: 4,346 (1 Nov. 2016)


Jen Dzuira’s career advice on Get Bullish empowers women to enter the workforce with pride, passion and determination. Assertively unorthodox and unapologetically feminist, Get Bullish is a great source for “aggressive lady-advice” in the all-too-often male-dominated sphere of entrepreneurship.


26. JobSeekers (@JobSeekers)

Followers: 4,199 (1 Nov. 2016)


JobSeekers is the quintessential name for this twitter feed. It features immediate, easy-to-access job offers and barebones career advice, all curated by recruiting expert and Career Cloud founder Chris Russell. Websites like Indeed or Craigslist can be so daunting, and JobSeekers makes the career search a little more bearable.


27. Ryan Rhoten (@RyanRhoten)

Followers: 2,786 (2 Nov. 2016)


Perhaps you know him best from his podcast, The BRAND New You Show with Ryan Rhoten, but did you know he’s also providing expert branding advice and digital networking advice on Twitter? If you’re looking to host your first virtual conference or need fresh ideas to brand yourself on LinkedIn, Rhoten’s your guy.


28. Amy Ruberg (@amyruberg)

Followers: 1,418 (3 Nov. 2016)


It’s important to stay positive and keep an open mind whether you’re at the height of your career or seeking out a new job opportunity. College and career coach Amy Ruberg’s twitter is a fantastic source for these kernels of wisdom and inspiration. From motivational quotes to articles on women empowerment in the workplace, Ruberg has a little something for everyone!


users-cam-macdonald-portraiCameron MacDonald is a writer, freelancer and researcher based out of Toronto, ON. He is a recent BA (Hons) English graduate from Ryerson University and is currently a Research Assistant at the Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre.

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