Wind Turbine Service Technician Career

wind-turbine-500Wind turbine service technicians are responsible for completing basic maintenance on wind turbines, which are often used in the production of electricity and other resource industries. Workers in this position ensure the turbines are working correctly, troubleshooting and repairing any problems that interfere with the turbine’s proper function. Repairs of common mechanical, electrical and hydraulic problems which result in malfunction of the turbine are all part of the technician’s responsibilities.

Wind turbine service technicians spend much of their time scaling very high towers. As such, anyone interested in a career as a technician should be comfortable with heights. If you choose this career, you should expect to be at these heights for long periods of the day, as each repair or installation takes different lengths of time.

Wind Turbine Service Technician Career Snapshot

Installing, maintaining and repairing wind turbines is usually a full time field-based career. Technicians are required to work outdoors, sometimes in confined spaces, and may be on call during the night and weekend hours.

Further details on a career as a wind turbine technician are listed below (statistics from the May 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics and Onet Online):


is the typical yearly salary for wind turbine technicians.


increase in employment between 2014 and 2024.


have a High school diploma or equivalent while 36% have a Post-secondary certificate.

Wind Turbine Service Tech Education

Many technical schools and community colleges offer two year wind turbine service technician programs. These programs most always lead to an associate’s degree, which is valued by employers. After receiving their associate’s degree, most wind turbine service technicians complete an additional yearlong on-the-job training program that further educates them on the specific turbines they will be maintaining.

Wind Turbine Service Tech Job Outlook

Wind turbine service technicians have an incredible job outlook. An estimated 9,200 technicians will be needed by the year 2024. That’s a 108% increase over the 4,400 technicians employed in 2014.

Wind Turbine Service Tech Salaries

Another great perk to a wind turbine service technician career is the salary. Technician salaries start around $37,010 per year and can reach an annual salary of nearly $71,820 according to 2015 statistics. Most technicians average about $51,050 per year.

Wind Turbine Service Tech Job Duties

If you decide you want to become a wind turbine service technician, your job will consist of inspecting the exterior of the turbines, repairing malfunctioning equipment, ensuring the proper functioning of underground transmission systems, and testing the electrical components of the turbines. An understanding of a variety of software and other computer-based technologies is essential to the job duties. It is also generally recommended to maintain all working turbines on an annual basis, which will also be part of your responsibilities should you choose this career.

Wind Turbine Service Technician Skills & Traits

Wind Turbine Service Tech Skill Set:Required Abilities:Tools Used by Wind Turbine Service Techs:Typical Work Activities:
• Repairing
• Troubleshooting
• Equipment Maintenance
• Critical Thinking
• Operation Monitoring
• Deductive Reasoning
• Near Vision
• Oral Comprehension
• Problem Sensitivity
• Arm-Hand Steadiness
• Stripping tools
• Torque wrenches
• Two way radios
• Voltage or current meters
• Wattmeters
• Inspecting Equipment, Structures, or Material
• Performing General Physical Activities
• Repairing and Maintaining Mechanical/Electronical Equipment

• Controlling Machines and Processes

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