Guide to 285 High Salary Jobs: From $50K to $100K + Per Year Professions

salary-600Money isn’t everything, but let’s be real here … it’s helpful to everyone if you can support yourself and pay your bills.

With the high cost of education and living expenses, there’s nothing wrong with reviewing salaries before you lock yourself into a career.

In fact, it’s smart.

This guide includes 5 different lists covering high paying jobs ranging from $50K to $100K + careers.  There are 285 jobs covered in this guide in total. Even the jobs on the $50K list pay much more than the average occupation which according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, is $36,200 per year.

You can click on any salary range you’re interested in and see the full spectrum of jobs within that pay range.

In addition to the median salary, we’ve included salary ranges from the lowest 10% up to the highest 10% for each career along with the typical education requirements. This way you can see if the job you’re considering requires an education in line with what you’re willing to earn.

You can also see if the expected job growth is where you’d like it to be. Some jobs are in a decline which means it may be quite a bit harder for you to gain employment while others are experiencing dramatic growth.

You can see the salaries, typical education, and expected job growth at a glance for each of these high paying salary careers. For many of the careers, clicking on the profession name will take you to a detailed career profile page where you can gain even more information.

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How Knowing the Salaries of Potential Jobs Will Help You

We put this salary guide together because money does matter. Your earnings are a big factor in how you’ll live your life.

It’s hard to know what career to get into whether you’re starting out, moving up the chain, or planning on a 360 degree career change.  Seeing which jobs offer higher salaries gives you the chance to search in the know.

There’s nothing wrong with considering money when thinking about a career. In fact, which is a career site for changing the world, recommends one option for helping is to get a high paying job and then give 10% of your earnings to charity.

The Healthcare Industry and High Paying Jobs

While higher paying jobs span nearly every industry, there are a few industries that have more of the highest paying jobs. One of these is the healthcare industry.

Healthcare is an interesting industry because nearly every occupation within this industry is growing.  At the high end of the pay scale, many of the $100K a year or more professions are as physicians and surgeons. These require a Doctoral or professional degree.

Here’s a list of the $100K + healthcare jobs that require a Doctoral or professional degree:

$100K + Healthcare Jobs Requiring Doctoral or Professional Degree

As you can see, there are over a dozen $100K + careers in the healthcare field that require extensive education and training.

To contrast this high barrier to entry, there are many high paying jobs in the healthcare field that typically require much less education, some only requiring an Associate’s degree.

For instance, this graph shows a few healthcare careers that pay $50K a year or more that require an Associate’s degree. The Associate’s degree will need to be in a specific field and will need to be accredited, but contrasted with the costs and time involved in getting a Doctorate degree or going to Medical school and completing a Residency, these careers pay fairly well.

High Paying Healthcare Jobs Requiring an Associate’s Degree

There are many other healthcare jobs on these lists including some requiring Bachelor’s degrees. Others like Nurse Anesthetists and Nurse Practitioners require a Master’s degree, but pay around $100K a year and also have a much faster than average growth rate. So there’s a lot to choose from if you’re interested in healthcare.

Getting into the healthcare field also has the benefit of being an industry where you’ll be making a noticeable difference in people’s lives. So in addition to higher salaries, you’ll also be making a positive impact in the community.

Engineering Careers and High Pay

Another industry where you’ll make a positive impact is in engineering. Engineers create and innovate plus there are dozens of different engineering specialties you can choose from within the engineering field.

Here’s a list of all the engineering jobs we could find on our high salary lists:

$50K a Year and Higher Engineering Jobs

As you can see there really are a lot of engineering jobs ranging from over $100K down to the lower $50K annual salaries. All of these are still well above the average median.

Most engineering positions require a Bachelor’s degree. In addition, several of the engineering jobs lower on this list only require an Associate’s degree. These are typically the engineering technician careers.

The Business Industry and High Salaries

Business is another industry with a number of high paying jobs.  The business industry encompasses a wide field of jobs including those in the financial sector, human resources, marketing, and more.

Here are the high paying business jobs:

Business Jobs with Salaries at $70K a Year and Up

These are jobs where crunching numbers and people skills are going to be strengths.

Computers and a Higher Salary

In this day and age, new technology is cropping up in the form of tablets, phones, and other devices in addition to all the software and hardware running on these devices. Therefore the computer industry is expected to keep growing. If you like the idea of being on the cutting edge of the computer and high tech world then a career in computers may be for you.

Many of these jobs are high paying without years and years spent gaining advanced degrees (most jobs in the computer industry require a Bachelor’s degree).

Here are the high paying computer jobs we rounded up for you:

Computer Jobs with Salaries of $50K + a Year

In addition to all these examples, there are also careers from the art industry, construction, transportation and many other industries represented on these lists.

Take a look at the lists of jobs by salaries and see if any of these high paying careers interest you!