Scholarship Ideas by Degree

Graduation cap on tabletWhile you can find a good deal of information on scholarships from high school counselors and the college financial aid offices, there are other ways to find scholarships as well.

There are plenty of websites that are dedicated to providing as much information as possible on current scholarship opportunities. You may also want to try local civic organizations, such as the Rotary Club or Kiwanis. Many employers also offer scholarships to the children of their employees.

While it may take a significant amount of time to search and apply for these scholarships, it’s definitely worth your while. The following tabs open to reveal ideas for searching for scholarships for specific degrees including law school, graduate degrees, nursing school, and more.

Accounting Scholarships

When it comes to business majors in the U.S. colleges, students are more commonly geared towards accounting career majors with the number continually growing. There was a growth of 40% in the accounting majors between the 2000 and 2004 school years, with the number of accounting scholarships growing as well. As the number of accounting majors continues to rise, the competition for these scholarships becomes more and more aggressive, offering a wealth of options to students both on the state and the National level within the U.S.

Scholarships on Various Levels

While there are National and state level scholarships, there are several organizations and companies that assist accounting students on their quest towards a degree. Government organizations and minority assisting institutions are often found offering scholarships for college accounting students in order to expand the number of accountants in the work force such as:

  • National Society of Accountants
  • American Society of Women Accountants
  • Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting

Single mothers seeking a new career path or Hispanic/Latino-Americans that are U.S. citizens that wish to enter the work force are able to take advantage of many opportunities to obtain an accounting scholarship they qualify for.

State level scholarships for students interested in accounting are often found within the various state colleges and Universities, as well as within the various organizations and state agencies. Such institutions may include the New Hampshire Society of Certified Public Accountants, as well as the Indiana University at South Bend, which can be found online within the given state. These college scholarships in accounting can typically range between as little as $100 or as much as $5,000, depending on the actual award. Specific accounting student scholarships include:

  • American Society of Women Accountants Scholarship
  • Fifth/Graduate Year Student Scholarship
  • HSF-ALPA Scholarships
  • Sprint Scholarship/Internship
  • Obtaining the Desired Scholarship

There are opportunities for scholarships that are designated to students within various education levels. There are both college scholarships for undergraduate accounting students as well as graduate students, ensuring that students at all levels are able to utilize the needed funds to enter and complete a top quality accounting program. The award amount can vary greatly between scholarships, with some that are even renewable each academic year or semester. Obtaining the scholarships can be done directly through the awarding agency or organization, or through your local office or school’s financial aid department. There are different measures that may be required from an interview to a written essay or academic excellence.

It is difficult to gauge your exact need for funding while in college, but with scholarships for accounting majors offered, the entire program can be paid for at no cost to the student. Combining Federal grants and multiple scholarships can offer a great amount of funding towards the education, ensuring that you can get the most out of the best education possible. With many employers seeking these high quality accounting professionals, you can find many that will assist in funding your education giving you a well planned out future with high success.

Cosmetology Scholarships

The world is a buzz with information about schooling options, including funding options for school. College has become a must in a job market that is demanding trained and educated personnel, even when it comes to getting started with a career in cosmetology. Luckily for those attending cosmetology school, scholarships are offered for many different reasons, to many different people, with many different requirements, all offering a free monetary gift to pay towards your tuition. Some cosmetology scholarships allow use on materials and other school items, while others are specifically for tuition fees, either of which is extremely helpful, especially when your income doesn’t allot funding for college.

Knowing Your Choices

There are several choices you can make when it comes to seeking out scholarships and grants for cosmetology school. What is quite amazing today is that you can easily obtain the Pell Grant offering up to $5,500 per school year with very small requirements including:

  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Full or part time enrollment in accredited college
  • No prior use from other programs
  • 2.5 GPA or higher

Besides the Pell, you can take on your funding search towards scholarships that are offered through many schooling agencies, federal organizations and agencies, as well as cosmetic and skin care companies that are now offering these scholarships at no cost to you.

How You Can Get Scholarships

Depending on your level of study and actual specialty of education, you are able to obtain different scholarships for cosmetology classes. You can apply for merit-based, need-based, or major-based scholarships for cosmetology school, with many different amounts possible. You may be subject to complete cosmetology scholarship essays, which will typically ask you to describe your future goals and aspirations, or what you plan to do with the funding or your degree, as well as what makes you worthy for the scholarship you are seeking to obtain.

Using the Scholarship

You may not be aware of just how you will receive your beauty school scholarship, which is very simple to understand. Some will release the funds in a check written to you, while most will simply send the monies to the school you are attending. This is the most common method as these scholarships are to be used for school and nothing else, and it also proves the most effective and time efficient process to providing a scholarship. Your school’s financial aid office can better inform you of your options, as well as the method by which you will receive your cosmetology school scholarship.

Scholarships for cosmetology students are offered more and more these days and there are even cosmetology scholarships women are able to access due to a minority status within the job market. No matter what your need is, if you are willing to do what it takes to obtain the scholarship money you will be at a great advantage over your school debt once you graduate. As long as you maintain your part of the agreement, you will be able to pay for college without having to repay these cosmetology college scholarships.

Culinary Scholarships

Decreasing Student Loan Debt with Culinary Scholarships

Starting a career in culinary arts is undeniably exciting with the opportunity to enter a field that is as interesting and fast-paced as it is challenging. While you can make your way up the ladder to a strong position and a high profile role within the field, the first few years of the profession can definitely be a bit difficult.

The median wage for cooks and head cooks in 2015 was $41,500 with some professionals only earning $23,000 per year, which indicates a higher chance of loan default and longer student debt. Culinary scholarships offer free funding towards your degree, ensuring that your student loan debt will be decreased, giving you a better chance to move forward in the future.

Scholarships Available for Culinary Arts

Getting culinary arts scholarships can offer you a great way to afford a great education at even the best colleges in the country, and even some offering a great way to pay for an education abroad. There are many scholarships to choose from, with many common scholarships that are found online and offer an easy application process.

American Academy of Chefs Chairs Scholarships

The American Culinary Federation offers the American Academy of Chefs Chairs Scholarships to high school and college students, as well as professional chefs seeking a higher education for higher opportunities. These scholarships are also offered to student culinary teams that are currently competing within the American Culinary Federation Regional and/or National conferences. These awards are provided per year on a competitive basis, available to the exemplary students that show great academic achievement and are currently enrolled within a full-time two or four year culinary arts program with at least one period complete.

Giacomo Bologna Scholarship

Offered in collaboration by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation as well as GRI, the Giacomo Bologna Scholarship offers the opportunity to study abroad with an all expense paid trip departing New York and arriving in Italy. The trip lasts a week, in which the students are able to participate in numerous culinary, as well as restaurant industry related courses and tours. The program offers the opportunity to learn Italian culture, including wine making, as well as the Italian cuisine. To qualify for the scholarship for culinary school, the student must be dedicated to Italian viticulture, have completed two years within the field or training, and complete an application accompanied with a 200 to 250 word essay and two letters of recommendation.

Scholarships and grants for culinary students are found to be offered by many restaurants, organizations, foundations, and even through the government. These scholarships for culinary arts can be a great help when it comes to paying for college, as the costs can be difficult to maintain alone. There are others that are specialty specific, including a pastry chef scholarship, or even a souse chef scholarship. To find scholarships and grants for culinary arts, start with your school and venture through the entire national database, featuring many scholarships for culinary degrees that could be just what you need to attend school for a much brighter future in the field.

Dental Hygienist Scholarships

Get Help from Scholarships for Dental Hygienist School

Becoming a dental hygienist is a very lucrative career with a great opportunity to earn a great deal through your career. As the profession carries a high wage average, there is also a high cost for completing the education required to excel within the field, which is a lot more than most can afford. For this reason, scholarships for dental hygienist school are offered through colleges, universities, and state and federal agencies and entities as well. These entities could range from nonprofit to for-profit organizations, foundations, trusts, and much more. With a diligent search, you could definitely find many scholarships you qualify for that can combine to provide a great amount towards the education you need.

College Scholarships

Upon enrolling in an accredited college or university, the first thing you want to do to find dental hygiene scholarships offered by the school you are attending. These could be departmental scholarships that can offer anywhere $100 to as much as $5,000 or more with several awards, and some even offering loan forgiveness and tuition reimbursement. These scholarships go directly to the school where they can be applied to your tuition and fees, with any excess credit in your account offered to you for material and out-of-pocket costs. Available awards by school include:

  • Alice K. Weed Endowment for Dental Hygiene
  • Dr. Deborah O. Strand Dental Hygiene Endowment
  • Dorothy Wootton Scholarship
  • Hill Family Scholarships
  • Northeast Delta Dental Foundation Scholarships
  • State and Federal Level Scholarships

Looking outside of the school is an excellent way to find several dental scholarships that are great in supplementing a financial aid package within any school. There are various ways to find these state and Federal level dental hygienist scholarships including through the internet and your local agencies. One great source of these types of scholarships is the American Dental Hygienists’ Association Institute for Oral Health (ADHA), which awards can range from $1,000 to $2,000. Other state and Federal level awards include:

  • Sigma Phi Alpha Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Colgate “Bright Smiles, Bright Futures” Minority Scholarship
  • Crest Oral-B Dental Hygiene Scholarships
  • Dr. Harold Hillenbrand Scholarship

Some, which are state specific, only offer dental school scholarships to students attending in the specific state. These awards include:

  • Virginia’s Alice Hinchcliffe Williams, RDH, MS, Graduate Scholarship
  • California’s Wilma Motley Memorial California Merit Scholarship

These scholarships and many others have varying qualifying criteria, with different methods to apply and different award amounts.

There are several of these scholarships for dental hygiene school that are offered through various institutions based on the subject of study, financial need, academic merit, or even minority status. Always remember to start at the school’s financial aid office as it can offer some great choices that you can qualify for just based on financial status. Outside scholarships then follow as a great way to add up your funding before you have to seek out costly school loans that could lead to great debt after you graduate, which is why these scholarships are so valuable.

Engineering Scholarships

The Who, What, Where, and Why of Engineering Scholarships

Engineers are quite valuable within the workforce, offering great skills that can be contributed to many other fields and specialties. There are various specialties of engineering careers one may choose to enter a program for, with just as many options for funding the education. The costs for schooling can accumulate to a great amount that can be too much to afford for most students, which is why there are so many engineering scholarships offered to ensure everyone can take advantage of the education they seek. Although colleges and universities often offer scholarships to select students within their school, they can be difficult to obtain, while there are many others that can be chosen and sought out.

Who Can Get These Scholarships

From government scholarships for engineering to engineering scholarships for high school seniors offered by several organizations, agencies, employers, companies, and schools as well, there is no limit to who can receive these scholarships. If you are enrolled in an accredited engineering school, even if you are attending online courses, you can be eligible for one or more of thousands of scholarships. These scholarships can be offered based on several bases:

  • School location
  • Minority group status
  • Academic merit
  • Financial need

There are many different methods to obtain these scholarships, which will coincide with the purpose and the target group of the financial gift.

Securing Scholarship Funds

Upon enrolling in an engineering school, you will be offered the typical funding options which include grants and loans, but will not be given specific information concerning scholarships offered. This is because most scholarships are offered by a private party that you must contact yourself in order to secure funding. Getting these scholarships can be done in many different ways including:

  • Interview
  • Essay
  • Application process
  • Online winner

There are many different types of scholarships with different methods to obtain, with some companies even offering sweepstakes to enter and win engineering scholarships.

What Type of Engineering?

The actual specialty you are entering in the engineering industry is greatly important to the type of funding you may be able to receive. For instance, there are several scholarships offered based on the specialty that you are entering such as:

  • Mechanical engineering scholarships
  • Environmental engineering scholarships
  • Aeronautical engineering association scholarships
  • Civil engineering scholarships

No matter what type of engineer you are studying to become, there are many options when it comes to scholarships as there are agencies and companies within that specialty that are seeking the highest trained professionals. This even includes college scholarships for mining engineering majors.

Engineering school scholarships are not like the typical funding for college, with a much different process to obtain. However, much like grants there is no repayment, and much like loans, these scholarships can cover anything from $500 of your school costs to your entire program costs in their entirety. Getting scholarships to enter engineering school is a wise decision if you want to be sure that you are able to afford a high quality education from a top quality college or university.

Graduate School Scholarships

Finding the Right Graduate School Scholarships

Whether you are continuing with a degree that you have just earned or seeking to heighten your abilities within a profession you are already working in, graduate school scholarships may serve as an essential mode of affording the degree you seek. Although scholarships for graduate students aren’t as abundant as for undergraduate students, there are still many options for you to take advantage of that can contribute a significant portion of your tuition and other school costs.

College-Based Scholarships

Many schools offering graduate degrees understand the costs are quite high for students to afford, and many are working with the government and other organizations and entities in the recruitment of new professionals. These schools often offer great awards in many forms, especially graduate study scholarships. St. John’s University was offering a half price discount to alumni that have been laid off, while Manchester College offers a free year of coursework for students who are unable to find work after college graduation. These schools will offer academic merit and financial-based scholarships, ensuring that students are able to enjoy top quality education without the stress of paying.

Career-Specific Awards

As fellowships and assistantships are offered to many graduate students, the costs of school can still exceed these awards. There are several scholarships for graduate school offered by many awarding entities that offer these scholarships based on the career path chosen. There are many grants and scholarships for graduate nursing degree students as the health care field is in high demand for these professionals. Such scholarships can be found through the Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives, or ACHE, with as much as $5,000 offered through the Foster G. McGaw Graduate Student Scholarship awarded to students in the final year of their nursing program.

Study Abroad

There are also graduate studies grants and scholarships for study abroad, allowing students to enrich their cultural skills while contributing great knowledge to other countries. One great example of these grad school scholarships is the Fulbright Program, offering awards to students for use within 140 countries. Students must be U.S. citizens with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, or a vast amount of experience within the field. These scholarships are excellent for students who are receiving fellowships and wish to learn skills within another country for use within that country. With the U.S. often bringing forth incentives for enriching new skills in other countries, there is a great deal you are able to take advantage of.

Scholarships for graduate students are out there and provide a great help, especially to students that are under a financial strain. While there is still government grants and loans offered, even if you have poor credit, there is still a need to compensate for some of the costs, if not just reducing the costs you will incur through loans. You have a great deal to gain from a graduate school scholarship, many of which offer simple application processes, while others may ask for an interview, or even an essay written or research conducted.

Law School Scholarships

Law School Scholarships are offered for Easier Access to a Degree

Attending law school goes much further than finding the right school. Finding law school scholarships can be just as significant, and will assist you in paying for a costly education in order to start your career as an attorney. The costs of law school can quickly add up to $50,000 or more in various costs and fees, including tuition, materials, room and board, and any other expenses that are common to college students. Finding the scholarships you need to afford such a great, yet high priced, education is quite simple if you know where to look and just what type of funding you are looking for.

What Kind of Funding is Possible?

When you begin looking into the college you wish to enter, the enrollment counselor will discuss several financial aid and other funding options you can take advantage of. There is a great deal of federal funding out there including:

  • Pell Grant
  • Stafford Loans
  • Perkins Loan

When it comes to scholarships for law students, there are many other options to take into consideration, some of which can be found from schools, others from organizations and agencies locally, and others nationally or federal. The scholarship you are interested in can differ from an academic merit-based, or even a need based scholarship. There are also others that are given to students within minority groups or those with disabilities.

How to Apply for Your Scholarship

Applying for law scholarships for school can differ from writing an essay to completing an interview or simply submitting an application. There are some that are available through the school, which are designated to students with various requirements including:

  • Academic achievement scholarship
  • Law school veterans scholarship
  • Minority law school scholarships
  • Disability scholarships

There is differing criteria from one scholarship to the next, with the main requirement of all being:

  • Active status or enrollment in accredited law school
  • GPA requirements
  • Full or part-time attendance

There are many scholarships that are renewable; however, all the requirements must be met throughout each school year you wish to obtain funding for.

Where to Apply

There are a variety of portals through which you are able to apply for your scholarship, all of which differ in the source and purpose, as well as amount. The federal loan limits for law students is $135,800, offering a great deal of financial aid towards the education. However, there will still be some possible costs left over that must be covered, leading you towards student loans or scholarships + law enforcement training grants. The internet is a very handy method for applying for scholarships, while the school’s financial department as well as many agencies locally can be utilized in the search for scholarships for those interested in law.

If you are looking for a scholarship in law and security studies, you really have a wealth of options open to you, increasing every day. Getting these scholarships can really assist you in getting the best education possible, offering an endless amount of options. Getting scholarships combined with financial aid can actually assist you in getting a law degree for absolutely free.

Medical School Scholarships

Paying for a High Cost Education with Medical School Scholarships

Entering the medical field is a wise direction in today’s work force, with a strong need for highly trained and educated medical professionals of all specialties and levels. From a career as a physician to specialists of all sorts, there are several different roles you can take on within the field, many of which are offered medical scholarships. Entry into the career builds a stronger field, with stronger support for communities throughout the U.S., which is why there are medical school scholarships offered to ensure you graduate with less debt, attending with less stress.

Merit Scholarships

Most medical schools from the campus-based to the internet-based programs offer scholarships on a merit basis. These scholarships are typically offered to high school students who have demonstrated excellent academic performance and a great desire to enter the medical field or students who are or have already been in attendance with excellent academic achievement. Many of these scholarships are offered through the medical school itself, and will be offered to qualifying students or awarded based on the merit such as with 4th year medical student scholarships.

Armed Forces Scholarships

With the military in high demand for medical professionals, there are various grants, scholarships and medical residency programs offered to assist with the completion of a program towards a medical degree. These scholarships and awards are typically offered to active military members, as well as those who agree to serve as a medical professional for up to eight years within the armed forces after graduation.

Government Based Scholarships

There are a select few government based scholarships that are offered for students who may have a financial need for the funds. These scholarships will require a specific grade point average, with the typical range being between 2.5 and 3.0. Applying for these scholarships can be done through the organization or entity websites, which you can obtain online through a simple search for scholarships.

Other Scholarships for Medical School

Many states and health care organizations or other entities will offer various scholarships that can be provided based on state, education level, merit, need, or any other factor, offering help towards paying for medical school. As school costs and loans accumulate, you will be facing a great deal of debt which can be eased by obtaining one or more scholarships. Getting scholarships really relies on your ability to get online and apply for those you qualify for, reading the medical school scholarship program FAQ to find any qualifying material you may need, which could sometimes mean obtaining medical school recommendation letters for scholarships.

If you aren’t sure just what type of scholarships you can qualify for, there are many sources of information and several companies and organizations that will offer a great deal of information. You can apply for as many scholarships as you want, and if awarded more than one, it can add up to supplement a great deal of your school costs. Getting through school does include having a plan for post-graduation as your student debt will add up as you earn your degree.

Minority Scholarships

Minority Scholarships for Underprivileged Students

Minority students can be comprised of several non-white, migrant, and other groups, including gays and lesbians and other underprivileged or discriminated groups. While paying for college may be a challenge for these students, there are so many minority scholarships to ensure they too are able to take advantage of the education that is needed to prosper within the U.S. Without these scholarships, many students would have a great deal of debt upon graduating, with stress built up when it comes to paying for out of pocket costs not filled by other loans and even grants.

Minority Scholarship Explained

You may wonder just why are minority scholarships legal if they are only designated to selected groups, but the concept is simple. While white-Americans that were born in the U.S. and conform to society’s image of what is right have a great deal of chances within the country, obtaining academic scholarships can be a great deal easier for them, especially with better academic performance and other advantages.

The minority groups, on the other hand, are less advantaged and have faced many struggles in striving to adapt to a world that is reluctant to give people who are different any chances. These scholarships actually provide opportunities where there are none, allowing these students to attend top rated schools without struggling with the top rated price.

Do You Qualify?

Believe it or not, there are several minority groups in which almost anyone can fit into at least one. Such groups include:

  • Racial groups
  • Ethnic groups
  • Religious groups
  • Female students
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students

There are even some organizations that are going further and considering left-handed people and the disabled as minorities when offering college scholarships for minority students.

Scholarships for minority women are extremely common, with the great movement of placing more single mothers in the work force. These women could also be part of other minority groups, bettering their chances of obtaining such an award. There is no limit to the source of these scholarships as they are offered through many entities including:

  • Federal organizations
  • State organizations
  • Professional organizations
  • Private endowments
  • Colleges and universities
  • Corporate donors

These scholarships can be found in many different subjects including:

  • Sciences
  • Math
  • Engineering
  • Technical
  • Law and business

There are also minority nursing scholarships, ensuring more diversity within the medical field within the future. You can get minority nurse scholarships from many health care organizations, agencies, and government initiatives as well.

For a multiple listing of minority scholarships, you can search online to find a great number of these opportunities. You will be able to utilize funding that is needed even if you think that you may not have done so well in the past. No matter who you are or where you are from, you should be able to take advantage of a great education so you are able to enter the United States work force with a strong head and the full capability, without the full debt.

Nursing Scholarships

Understanding the Different Types of Nursing Scholarships

There are over 2.6 million registered nurses within the health care industry, with a greater number employed within the U.S. as nurses than within any other profession. 60% of these nurses are working within the country’s hospitals, as well as other locations such as doctor’s offices, rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes, and even cruises or within the military.

With the great influx of nursing professionals in the country, there is definitely a great effort to ensure these professionals get the right training and the appropriate amount of education in order to perform the role of a nurse most effectively that come in the form of scholarships and other funding. So where do you find these scholarships and what do they offer? These are all common questions of individuals seeking to enter a career in nursing.

Types of Common Nursing School Scholarships

Once you have made the decision to attend a nursing school, the next step is to locate the right scholarship to assist in funding your education. There are three types of scholarships you may obtain, offering a great contribution to an education that can otherwise be quite costly in repayment.


Merit-based nursing scholarships are not difficult to obtain but do require that you have excellent references as well as an essay. The essay will typically question your future goals and what you intend to do with the scholarship, with some providing a topic by which you would write an inspirational or educational essay. These essays are then evaluated by the committee in charge of the scholarships within the organization or agency you are applying through along with your reference letters from previous schools and your employers. The student deemed the most worthy for the scholarship will receive the funding, offering a free alternative to paying for college.


Getting free nursing scholarships is often a source of funding sought out by those with low to no income. Federal nursing scholarships are obtained by needy students who are currently not grossing enough per year to afford a quality education. Need-based grants and scholarships for graduate nursing degrees are offered to students with some sort of funding need including:

  • Minority groups
  • Learning disabilities
  • Physical disabilities
  • State residents
  • Low or no annual income
  • Obligatory-Service

The nurses used within the military are quite essential to healthy soldiers, and there are many measures taken to ensure there is an abundance of these professionals. An obligatory-service nursing scholarship is offered to students seeking a position in the military nursing field, ensuring that they are able to make use of a top quality education. ROTC military scholarships are just one of the many nursing scholarships and grants offered by the military, along with others from the government:

  • National Health Service Corps
  • Veterans Affairs Health Careers
  • All Four Branches of the military

Although these scholarships will require between two to eight years of active duty in the military as a nurse, you will get grants and scholarships for nursing that never need to be repaid.

Pharmacy School Scholarships

What Type of Pharmacy Scholarships are Available?

Securing pharmacy scholarships often begins before high school graduation, or during the first couple years of pharmacy school. Individuals planning to enter a career as a pharmacist are training for a highly science-related field with a great deal of academic performance emphasis, which is why there are so many merit-based scholarships for pharmacy students. There are other types of scholarships as well, from government sponsored programs to even the most well known drug manufacturing companies and other health related organizations and foundations also.

Common Scholarships

There are several pharmacy school scholarships that you can seek out that will offer as much as $5,000 towards your school costs which can include:

  • Tuition
  • Books
  • Home materials
  • Room and board

One such pharmacy scholarship is the Gateway to Research Scholarship funded by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists in collaboration with the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education, offering three $5,000 awards for students seeking a degree in pharmaceutical research. There is also a $500 stipend provided to each student awarded in order to attend the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. Qualifications for this award include:

  • One year completed of Bachelor’s program
  • 2 years of Pharm. D. Degree program for Graduate students
  • Application completed through American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education website

There are also ten separate $1,500 awards offered through the Rite Aid Competitive Pharmacy Scholarship, offered to students with at least a 2.5 GPA, with at least two years completed of a pharmacy degree. There are different qualifying criteria including:

  • Internship for Rite Aid
  • Dependent of Rite Aid employee
  • State or region location: Arkansas, Minnesota, or others without Rite Aid pharmacy

The APhA, or American Pharmacists Association, also offers student scholarships to nine students per year for the amount of $1,000. Students must have completed a minimum of one year of pharmacy school, with a 2.75 GPA and the completion of a 500 word essay submitted to the association scholarship committee. Students active in the local APhA-ASP chapter are also eligible for this award based on merit and participation.

Getting Scholarships for Pharmacy School Students

Obtaining pharmacy undergraduate scholarships is a bit more difficult than obtaining 2nd year pharmacy scholarships, as most are based on merit and academic progress or achievement during pharmacy school. There are several different ways grants and scholarships for students seeking a degree in pharmacy are obtained, which is described through the entrance requirements of each, many offering small requirements while others may have more terms and conditions for the use and purpose of the funds.

Pharmacy student scholarships can be found through several online databases, many of which can be found through local government websites, as well as federal government websites. The school you are attending may also offer scholarships and other rewards, as well as a list of state specific, as well as subject of study specific scholarships that you may qualify for. Although you may not think that you will qualify or may feel that you have a slim chance of receiving the award, it never hurts to apply as you may find yourself surprised.

Single Parent Scholarships

Scholarships for Moms/Single Parents

Single parents have often found it hard to balance education and caring for their children, as well as working to ensure all their children’s needs are met. Responding to this challenge, there have been many great incentives to return to college in the form of grants and scholarship for mom and even dad to utilize when seeking to get out of the financial block that keeps them from a higher education. The Pell Grant is one of the most common sources of funding for moms/single parents to utilize when returning to school, covering up to $5,500, and now even awarded twice during one school year. This doesn’t cover the entire tuition, however, leading to the need for more funding either in loans, scholarships, or both.

The Convenience of Scholarships

Single mother college scholarships are offered to parents that require funding to receive a higher education. These scholarships can be offered through several different ways, in several different amounts, but will most likely require some sort of financial need. There are some that are extremely easy to obtain through a simple essay detailing your future plans or your reasons for returning to college. No matter how you receive the funding, the funds are sent to your school where your school costs can be subtracted, leaving you with less debt and less out-of-pocket fees. Using these scholarships in conjunction with the Pell grant and the Federal Stafford and Perkins loans will assist you in affording every bit of your schooling from the tuition to the books and even your own computer.

Where You Should Look

When you begin the process to enroll within an accredited college or university, you should take the time to research your school, state, region, and the subject you are planning to study, which will provide you with a list of scholarships available for each. There are several different types of scholarships that are available for each, including those that are offered based on previous academic performance, low income status, profession, subject of study, or even just the area you are attending school in.

The Benefit of Scholarships

Scholarships for mom can be highly beneficial to single parents that have no other source of funding for education. Whether you have bad credit or no credit at all, a mom scholarship will ensure that you are able to afford the schooling in order to provide you with a better outlook on your future as a professional. Getting a scholarship or grant for single mother or parents, you can lessen school debt while focusing solely on your education and not the way you will pay for it.

If you are interested in a single mom college scholarship, you can make an inquiry with your school’s financial aid office, which will provide you with any school or state specific choices to take advantage of. If you are attending a program for a high demand field, you will be more likely to find a single parent scholarship as there are many employers and state or federal entities that offer these scholarships in order to revamp the workforce.

Teaching Scholarships

Teaching Scholarships/Teaching Awards Offered to Student Teachers

There are a great abundance of U.S. teachers, from elementary to secondary, to various specialties and levels. 2004 recorded 3.8 million employed elementary and secondary education teachers, with 1.5 million in the elementary field and 1.1 million in secondary education positions. While there is a great influx of teachers, there is a great strain on financing the education needed to perform optimally within the field. However, individuals entering the teaching career field should note that there are many teaching scholarships/teaching awards offered to these students.

Available Awards

Exploring the many adult education college scholarship opportunities can reveal several opportunities you may qualify for. The National level scholarship awards are a bit more competitive when it comes to teacher scholarships with the great many students present in the field. However, there are many organizations and programs that will offer small awards that give a small financial boost to these students such as:

  • Straightforward Media teaching scholarship $500
  • Applegate/Jackson/Parks Future Teacher Award

These are most commonly obtained through a standard application online or the submission of a written essay based on the topic provided by the awarding organization.

There are several foundations and organizations that offer scholarships and grants for teaching mathematics, science, history, or any other subject or specialty towards the career. This is usually done through the student teacher program, which can be a quite costly training program for some students. There are many lists of available scholarships provided by these foundations and organizations, ensuring that you are aware of the opportunities offered to you. These funding organizations include:

  • James Madison Fellowship Foundation
  • American Association of Physics Teachers
  • Teachers Count

Debt forgiveness is another common funding method that is quite similar to the many scholarships for teaching degrees, but differs in the method of awarding. Students won’t receive new funds towards the education, but will be able to utilize funding to repay loans that were obtained to fund the education. A comprehensive loan forgiveness database is available through the American Federation of Teachers and can include the Stafford Loan Forgiveness Program for Teachers.

Finding the award that is right for you, whether you are looking for some sort of math teacher scholarship or graduate teacher scholarships, will involve searching online through your local agencies or even by going directly through your school. The field you are planning to enter offers several companies, organizations, foundations, and other entities that will assist in getting you through your education program without financial burdens you cannot manage.

Teachers are known to get a smaller salary than what is offered in many other professions, but they are highly valued members of the workforce, with some changes being made to ensure a better pay towards the future. These teachers have to be trained properly whether entering the elementary or secondary education arena in order to provide the best instruction possible within the field. Obtaining a scholarship to attend school and obtain a teaching degree can be a bit of a challenge but can present a great opportunity if you are willing to do your research for these awards.