Top 5 Science Careers [Infographic]

Are you a critical thinker? Do you like analyzing data and pushing boundaries to figure out why?

If so, a career in science may be a good fit for you.  We’ve ranked many of the most popular careers in science to come up with this ultimate list of the top 5 science careers.

The highest overall score possible is 100 and as you can see in the list, geoscientist locked in the number 1 spot for scientists with a 71. The typical education for geoscientists is a Bachelor’s degree and the median salary is nearly $90K a year. A career as a geoscientist is a high paying field that typically only requires a Bachelor’s degree.

Take a look at the list and find more top science careers:


The careers were ranked on the following criteria; median salary, salary potential, job outlook, employment numbers, changes in employment, and typical education required. The data came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics or

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